Race and Resistance Studies

College of Ethnic Studies
Dean: Kenneth Monteiro

EP 111C
Director: Amy Sueyoshi

Associate Professors—Abdulhadi, Esquibel, Sueyoshi
Assistant Professors—Bakrania, Ferreira


Minor in Race and Resistance Studies

Program Scope

The Race and Resistance Studies minor is a interdisciplinary program that provides undergraduate students with an approach to social justice to study race as a politically produced and contested process that begins with institutions, movements, and social problems, to examine racialized communities. The curriculum examines how race, gender, class and are co-constitutive factors of identity; how different groups are racialized in relation to one another; how social justice movements cohere and fall apart; and how groups have formed their own identities. The Race and Resistance Studies minor provides students with non-traditional, multi-ethnic, and comparative perspectives on national and transnational experiences of people of color within the U.S.


The minor consists of 19 to 21 credits of undergraduate study. Only one third of the credits or no more than approximately two courses can be taken credit/no credit for the minor. Students must have maintained at least a 2.0 grade point average in minor courses. Consistent with current University policy, courses for meeting the requirements of this minor may, as appropriate, be used simultaneously for meeting general education or credential requirements. Written declaration of the pursuit of the minor is not necessary prior to enrollment in any of its required or elective courses. Students should try to complete ETHS 100 or ETHS 110 before taking any further courses in the minor. These courses, however, may be taken concurrently. At least half of all courses towards the minor degree must be upper division at the 300 level or above. Mandatory courses are one introductory course, either ETHS 100 or ETHS 110; one course each in three of the core areas –History and Politics of Racialized People; Race and Popular Culture, Literature and the Arts; Race, Gender and Sexuality; Diasporas and Transnationalism; or from any core area added in the future. In addition, two courses are to be selected from the Ethnic Specific and Community Service Learning section, from two different departments or programs: One chosen from any ethnic-specific department or program in the College; the other from any of the CSL courses offered in the College or as 1 to 2 CSL units paired with any course taken concurrently towards the Race and Resistance Studies minor, upon advisement of the instructor. The remaining three credits needed for the minor can be fulfilled through the elective courses. Students can choose their elective courses from 1) any introductory course not already counting towards the minor degree, 2) any core courses not already counting towards the minor degree, 3) an additional course from one of the ethnic-specific departments or programs in the College, or 4) any course from the list of recommended elective courses. Additional courses may count towards the minor upon consultation with the Race and Resistance Studies undergraduate minor adviser. The curriculum is outlined below.

Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated. Course descriptions can be found in the back of this Bulletin (consult index for page reference.)

Introductory Courses (Choose one from below.) Units
ETHS 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies  
ETHS 110 Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience  
Core Courses (Choose three of the Sections A through D.)  
Section A: History and Politics (Choose one from below.)  
ETHS 240 All Power to the People  
ETHS 250 Race and Ethnicity and Power in America  
ETHS 350 Race, Labor, and Class Struggle  
ETHS 410/
SOC 410 
Grassroots Organizing for Change  
ETHS 435 National Security and the Racialization of Arabs and Muslims in North America  
ETHS 520 Race, Radicalism, and Revolution  
ETHS 600/
HIST 466 
History of U.S. People of Color  
Section B: Popular Culture, Literature, and the Arts
(Choose one from below.)
ETHS 280 Race, Gender, and Science Fiction  
ETHS 285 Race, Sports, and Society  
ETHS 360 Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature  
ETHS 430 Arab Media Images in America  
ETHS 450/
ARAB 450 
Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature  
ETHS 480 Youth Culture, Race and Resistance  
ETHS 530 Cultural Studies and Ethnic Studies  
Section C: Gender and Sexuality (Choose one from below.)  
ETHS 380 Coloring Queer  
ETHS 571 Women, Race, and Class  
ETHS 640/
SXS 640 
Race and Sexual Migration  
ETHS 645/
SXS 645 
Sex and the City  
Section D: Diasporas and Transnationalism (Choose one from below.)  
ETHS 370 Islamophobia  
ETHS 420 Arab American Identity  
ETHS 440 Islam in America  
ETHS 566/
WGS 566
Gender and Modernity in the Muslim and Arabs Worlds  
ETHS 630 Palestine: Ethnic Studies Perspective  
ETHS 635 Diasporas and (Trans)nationalism  
ETHS 657 South Asian Diaspora  
Community Service Learning (Choose one from below or as 1 to 3 CSL units attached to any course listed in the minor.)  
AAS 575 Asian American Community Health Issues  
AFRS 694 Community Service Learning  
AIS 694 Community Service Learning  
ETHS 694 Community Service Learning  
RAZA 694 Community Service Learning  
Any Ethnic Specific Course from AAS, AFRS, AIS, or RAZA (Choose one on advisement, from a different department than the one used to fulfill the CSL requirement.)  
Elective courses (Choose one from below or any course from above, including from the ethnic-specific departments or programs, not used to satisfy basic requirements.)  
ETHS 125 Introduction to Health in American Ethnic Communities  
ETHS 330/
SOC 330 
Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.  
ETHS 460/
COUN 450 
AIDS and U.S. People of Color  
ETHS 466/
PLSI 466 
Race and American Democracy  
ETHS 473/
HIST 473 
Unfree Labor in Early America  
ETHS 580/
RAZA 580/
SOC 580 
Educational Equity  
ETHS 590 Ethnic Studies Travel Study  
ETHS 625 Mixed Race Studies  
ETHS 637/
ENG 214 
Experimental Novel  
ETHS 647 Cancer Disparities among Undeserved Communities  
ETHS 650 Race and Educational Inequity in Communities of Color  
ETHS 670/
HIST 462 
Making Whites  
ETHS 680 Issues in Comparative Ethnic Studies  
ETHS 685 Projects in Teaching Ethnic Studies  
ETHS 697 Field Research or Internship in Ethnic Studies  
ETHS 699 Special Study