Education Degrees, Certificates,
and Teaching and Educational Specialist Credentials

College of Education
Dean: Jacob E. Perea
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Research, and Development: David Hemphill


Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies
Elementary Education
Instructional Technology
Secondary Education
Special Education

The primary mission of the College of Education is to develop and maintain rigorous professional preparation in pedagogical and clinical skills required for effective services to individuals of all ages and their families, especially those residing in ethnically and racially diverse communities. All programs are based on excellence in teaching and clinical services and a commitment to research and scholarship focused on the integration of services to schools and community agencies.

 There are six themes reflected in the programs and activities of the College of Education. They are:

In order to carry out the mission and vision of the college as reflected in these six themes, the College of Education offers certificates, credentials, masters of arts in education (in specific educational disciplines), doctorates in education and philosophy degrees (in conjunction with UC, Berkeley). The chart below provides an overview of the types of programs and degree offerings available within the College of Education.


Master’s Degrees Master of Arts in Education, with concentrations in:  
    • Adult Education
Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
    • Educational Administration
Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Elementary Education
Elementary Education
    • Equity & Social Justice in Education
Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Instructional Technologies
Instructional Technologies
    • Language & Literacy Education
Elementary Education
    • Mathematics Education
Elementary Education
    • Secondary Education
Secondary Education
    • Special Interest
Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
Master of Arts in Special Education (Early Childhood Special Education, Guide Dog Mobility, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Orientation & Mobility, Physical & Health Impairments, Visual Impairment, Vocational Special Education) Special Education
Master of Science in Communicative Disorders Special Education (Language, Speech & Hearing)
Teaching & Services Credentials Administrative Services(Elementary & High School Principal) Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
Bilingual & Language Development Specialist Elementary Education
Clinical or Rehabilitative Services (Orientation & Mobility) Special Education
Designated Subjects—Adult & Career Technical Education(GED, ESL, Basic & Vocational Skills) Administration & Interdisciplinary Studies
Education Specialist (Special Education) Special Education
Multiple Subject Instruction (Elementary Education) Elementary Education
Pupil Personnel Services Counseling, Psychology, & Social Work
Reading and Language Arts Specialist Elementary Education
Single Subject Instruction (Middle and High School) Secondary Education
Speech-Language Pathology Services (Language, Speech & Hearing) Special Education
Certificates Autism Spectrum Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education Special Education
Guide Dog Mobility Special Education
Integrated Services Special Education
Middle School Studies Elementary & Secondary Education
Reading Elementary Education
Training Systems Development Instructional Technologies
Vocational Special Education Special Education
Doctoral Degrees Ph.D. in Education: Concentration in Special Education Special Education
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership College of Education
Bachelor of Arts Communicative Disorders Special Education
Minor Education College of Education
Special Education Special Education

For an overview of the paths one might pursue in order to become a teacher or professor, or to get started on another career in education, please refer to the chart at the beginning of the section titled "Teaching and Educational Specialist Credential Programs."

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