Social Science (Interdisciplinary Studies)

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dean: Joel Kassiola

Social Science Program
HSS 336
Director: Associate Dean, College of BSS


Associate Professor—Keith


Minor in Social Science

Program Scope and Career Outlook

The Social Science Minor in an interdisciplinary program that exposes students to core concepts and methods in the social sciences. Students completing this minor will learn how to integrate the methods and perspectives of different social science disciplines to critically examine and understand social issues. Courses include an integrative course that examines perspectives and methods from Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology; an integrative course focusing on Economic, Geographic, Historical and Political Science perspectives and methods; and electives taken in any of the behavioral and social science disciplines. The Minor is intended for students who’s academic and career goals include a broad introduction to the social sciences.


Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated. On-line course descriptions are available.

Program Requirements Units
S S 300 Social Sciences Core I 3
S S 301 Social Sciences Core II 3
Seminar in Method and Interdisciplinary Analysis or 3-4
An equivalent methods course from another discipline in the behavioral 
and social sciences
Upper division courses from three different disciplines in the behavioral and social sciences and related fields. These courses must be chosen in consultation with an adviser, and students majoring in a behavioral or social science may not double count courses taken in their major discipline to meet this requirement 9-12
Minimum total 18-22

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