European Area Studies

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dean: Joel Kassiola

European Area Studies Program
SCI 267
Director: Sarah Curtis


Professors— D'Agostino, Luft, Peel

Associate Professor— Christmas, Concolino, Curtis, Hood, Klironomos, Laden, Nelsen, Steier, Tsygankov, Vandergriff

Assistant Professors— Clavier, Hackenberg, Jackson, Langbehn, Millet, Rodriguez , Tsygankov, Vandergriff , Sowaal , von Wahl


Minor in European Area Studies

Program Scope

The European Area Studies minor is a multidisciplinary program in European history, politics, and culture designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad understanding of European ideas and institutions over time. Europe is intrinsically connected to important concepts and historical developments such as revolution, religion, imperialism, capitalism, industrialization, individualism, democracy, communism, human rights, and welfare states. These concepts, formative for Western society, have had global significance as well. Though no longer dominant, Europe today remains a complex, fascinating, and vital region of the world, and one grappling with an array of fundamental political, socioeconomic, and cultural challenges, from enlarging the European Union to determining the future of the welfare state to integrating former colonial subjects into European societies as full citizens.

This minor allows students to engage critically in the examination of Europe past and present through courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of student interests in particular time periods and specific countries. It is especially recommended for students who wish to study abroad in one of SFSU’s exchange programs in Europe and for students considering careers in teaching, the arts, international politics, international business, and the foreign service. In an era of global interdependence, a minor in European Area Studies demonstrates interest in and knowledge of a region outside of the United States from a multidisciplinary perspective.


The European Area Studies Minor consists of a core curriculum of nine to ten units which contain material and perspectives which reach across the normal disciplinary divisions of the university, plus additional fifteen to seventeen units of upper division courses taken from the following list on advisement. The minor must include courses from at least three different disciplines (prefixes) and two colleges. Students must also demonstrate competency in a relevant foreign language.

The curriculum is currently under revision. Please consult the program director for the status of the revision and for the curriculum as soon as it is available.

Foreign Language Requirement

All students completing the European Area Studies Minor are required to demonstrate intermediate level competency in a language other than English, relevant to the area. This requirement may be met by completing the university entrance requirement of two years of high school language study, one year of successful college level language study, or demonstration of equivalent competency.

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