Legal/Court Interpretation

College of Extended Learning
Dean: Gail Whitaker

Legal/Court Interpretation Program (Spanish/English)
SFSU Downtown Center
425 Market Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Fax: 415-405-3339
Program Director: Eric Bishop

Program Coordinator: Baseemah Rahman


Certificate in Legal/Court Interpretation (Spanish/English)

Program Scope

This program is designed to develop language skills necessary to perform as a Spanish/English interpreter in the legal field working in the courts, administrative hearings, and in the private sector. It is specifically aimed at assisting participants to pass the state court certification examination.


Faculty members are all adjunct instructors who are state and federal certified court interpreters.

Career Outlook

Certified Spanish/English interpreters are in heavy demand in the courts and administrative agencies at the county, state, and federal levels. Interpreters are self-employed and contract with courts and agencies for specific cases. In addition, law firms and corporations often use certified interpreters on a freelance basis.


Admission to the Program

Admission requirements are 56 units of prior semester units (B.A. preferred) and a high level of bilingual/biliterate ability. A written test is required before admission.

All courses are required except for one elective course in medical interpretation. For complete course descriptions, contact the program coordinator.

FL 9901 Introduction to Legal/Court Interpreting (Spanish/English)
FL 401 Sight Translation
FL 403 Consecutive Interpretation I
FL 405 Consecutive Interpretation II
FL 407 Simultaneous Interpretation I (with laboratory)
FL 409 Simultaneous Interpretation II (with laboratory)
FL 9911 Medical Interpretation (with laboratory)

Courses are offered in the evenings and on Saturday mornings at the SFSU Downtown Center except for the two laboratory courses offered at the main campus.

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