Women's Health Issues

College of Health and Human Services
Dean: Donald P. Zingale

Women's Health Issues Program
SCI 393
Director: Mary Beth Love


Professors—Clayson, LeVeen


Minor in Women's Health Issues

Program Scope

The minor offers three areas of focus: (1) theory about women's social roles and status implications for women's health; (2) organizing and managing health services, health education, and health delivery systems; (3) politics, policy analysis, and strategies for changing women's health policies. Students take a core course in each of these areas, then choose three electives which may be concentrated within one area or drawn from several areas, and then complete a culminating research project or internship. The choice of electives and final research project or internship is chosen in consultation with an adviser in order to meet the needs and interests of the individual student.

Career Outlook

A minor in women's health is a natural complement to a variety of majors such as nursing, health education, counseling, psychology, urban studies, or other human service careers.


On-line course descriptions are available.

Core Courses Units
Social Determinants
WOMS 200 Women: The Basic Question 3
Health Services and Education
HED 414 Women's Health: Issues and Problems 3
Politics and Policy
LABR 570
Urban Health Systems 3
Units selected from 1 or more of the areas of focus in consultation with an adviser.
Social Determinants
PSY 458 Psychology of Women  
SOC 476 Medical Sociology (4)
SOC 469 Gender and Society (4)
WOMS 510 Women and Interpersonal Violence
WOMS 510 Women and Institutional Violence
WOMS 590 The Aging Woman
CFS 453 Nutrition and the Life Cycle
BLS 370 Health, Medicine, and Nutrition in the Black Community
Health Services and Health Education
SOC 476 Medical Sociology (4)  
H ED 410 Organization and Function of Health Services
H ED 430 Foundations of Community Health Education
H ED 431 Community Health Education: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
Politics and Policy
ECON 475 Economics of Health and Medical Care Finances  
H ED 450 Contemporary Issues in Health
URBS 480
Public Policy and Policy Analysis (4)
S W 456
Urban Community Organizing and Citizen Action
URBS 565 Social Policy Planning (4)
WOMS 590 Politics of Reproduction
RAZA 210 Latino Health Care Perspectives
Final Integrative Project/Internship
One of the following in consultation with the adviser:
  H ED 480 Fieldwork in Community Health (3-6)  
  H ED 699 Special Study (1-3)
  URBS 650/
Urban Internship/Seminar (3/1)
  URBS 686 Fieldwork in Urban Studies (1-4)
  WOMS 695 Women Studies Internship
  WOMS 698 Work Study in Feminist Projects (1-3)
Minimum total 21

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