This Bulletin describes the requirements in effect for this year. Refer to the Bulletin Rights section of this Bulletin for additional information.

Courses approved for GE credit added after printing of this Bulletin will be published in the Class Schedules for this academic year. The Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 Class Schedules should be consulted for updates and the most current version of approved courses and clusters in the GE program.


All students must complete a minimum of twelve units in Segment I including a minimum of three units in each of the following four areas: Written Communication, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Reasoning.

Summary of Written English Requirements

Note: All SFSU undergraduate baccalaureate degree candidates are required to complete TWO semester courses in written composition (ENG 114 and ENG 214 at SFSU) or their equivalents.

Written Communication (3 units required)

Courses that fulfill the Written Communication requirement in General Education are listed below. Courses offered in a given semester are listed under the heading English Composition Requirement, Second Year, at the end of the listing of English courses in the Class Schedule for the semester.


AIS 214

Second Year Written Composition: American Indian Studies

AAS 214

Second Year Written Composition: Asian American Studies

BL S 214

Second Year Written Composition: Black Studies

BUS 214

Second Year Written Composition: Business

CWL 214

Second Year Written Composition: Comparative and World Literature

ENG 214

Second Year Written Composition: English

ENG 310

English as a Second Language: Composition 2

NEXA 214

Second Year Written Composition: NEXA

RAZA 214

Second Year Written Composition: Raza

Oral Communication (3 units required)


ENG 210

English as a Second Language: Oral Communication

SPCH 150

Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Critical Thinking (3 units required)


AIS 110

Critical Thinking and the American Indian Experience

AA S 110

Critical Thinking and the Asian American Experience

BL S 110

Critical Thinking and The Third World Experience

ENG 200

Writing Logically

ETHS 110

Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience

PHIL 110

Introduction to Critical Thinking I

PSY 111

The Logic and Psychology of Critical Thinking

RAZA 110

Critical Thinking and the Raza Experience

SPCH 250

Argumentation and Advocacy (4)

Quantitative Reasoning (3 units required)

Summary of Quantitative Reasoning Requirements

Students who register for a GE quantitative reasoning course at SFSU must (1) have passed the ELM examination with a score of 50 or above; or (2) have obtained an approved ELM exemption; or (3) after taking the ELM examination, have passed Algebra II (MATH 70) at SFSU or an equivalent course elsewhere with a grade of credit (CR) or C- or better.


BA 110

Mathematical Analysis for Business

GEOG 203

Geographical Measurement

ISED 160

Data Analysis in Education

MATH 110

Business Calculus

MATH 124

Elementary Statistics

MATH 219

Calculus with Pre-calculus Support (6)

MATH 226

Calculus I (4)

PSY 171

Quantitative Reasoning in Psychology


General Requirements

Freshman Student Pattern

  1. In each Segment II Area, students must complete a minimum of nine units and satisfy the specific category requirements for the Area.
  2. In each Segment II Area (PBS, BSS, and HCA), students must select courses from at least two different departments. That is, at least three units of the nine-unit minimum, must have a different departmental prefix.
  3. Within Segment II, students must complete one course that is designated as fulfilling the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) requirement and one course that is designated as fulfilling the Lifelong Development (LLD) requirement.

Transfer Student Pattern

  1. In each Segment II Area (i.e., PBS, BSS, and HCA), students must complete a minimum of nine units, but are not held to completion of the specific category requirements within each Segment II Area, except as required in the Physical and Biological Sciences Area.
  2. Within each Segment II Area, students must select courses from at least two different departments. That is, at least three units of the nine-unit minimum must have a different departmental prefix.
  3. Within Segment II, students must complete one course that is designated as fulfilling the Lifelong Development (LLD) requirement. While transfer students are not required to complete the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) requirement, they are encouraged to select courses that address this important area.
  4. Students must complete a minimum of 27 units in Segment II. Students on the six-unit system pattern for the Physical and Biological Sciences Area must make up any unit deficiencies in this Area by selecting additional course work in Segment II.

Physical and Biological Sciences Area--PBS (9 units)

Specific Requirements

Freshman Student Pattern

  1. Students must complete one course (minimum: three units) in each category; i.e., A, B, and C.
  2. Courses with two different departmental prefixes must be selected.
  3. At least one course designated L/F (laboratory or fieldwork) must be selected.
  4. The Physical and Biological Science courses should be completed before the Integrative Science course.

Transfer Student Pattern

  1. Students must complete one course in Category A (three units minimum), one course in Category B (three units minimum), and a third course in either Category A, B, or C. A third course is not required of students whose ASE or DARS indicates rights to the six-unit system pattern for the Physical and Biological Sciences Area. However, students on the six-unit system pattern must make up any deficiencies in the 27-unit minimum for Segment II by selecting additional course work in Segment II.
  2. At least one course must fulfill the laboratory or fieldwork (L/F) requirement.

Category A: Physical Sciences

ASTR 115

Introduction to Astronomy

ASTR 116

Astronomy Laboratory (1) [L/F]

CHEM 101

Survey of Chemistry

CHEM 102

Survey of Chemistry Laboratory (1) [L/F]

CHEM 105

Chemistry in the Biosphere

CHEM 109

Food Chemistry Fundamentals

CHEM 110

Food Chemistry Fundamentals Laboratory (1) [L/F]

CHEM 115

General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry (5) [L/F]

GEOL 100

Introduction to Geology

GEOL 101

Introduction to Geology Laboratory (1) [L/F]


Introduction to Oceanography


Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory (1) [L/F]

GEOL 105

History of Life

GEOL 110

Physical Geology (4) [L/F]

GEOL 272

Earthquakes and the San Andreas Fault [L/F]

GEOL 350

Geology of the National Parks [L/F]

METR 100

Introduction to Meteorology

METR 101

Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory (1) [L/F]

PHYS 101

Conceptual Physics

PHYS 102

Conceptual Physics Laboratory (1) [L/F]

PHYS 111

General Physics I

PHYS 112

General Physics I Laboratory (1) [L/F]

PHYS 220

General Physics with Calculus I

PHYS 222

General Physics with Calculus I Laboratory (1) [L/F]

Category B: Biological Sciences

ANTH 100

Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 331

Fossil Humans (4)

ANTH 332

Human Variation Today (4)

BIOL 100

Human Biology [LLD]

BIOL 101

Human Biology Laboratory (1) [L/F]

BIOL 150

The World of Plants [L/F]

BIOL 170

Animal Diversity

BIOL 171

Animal Diversity (1) [L/F]

BIOL 175

Cells, Microbes and Life

BIOL 210

General Microbiology and Public Health

BIOL 211

General Microbiology and Public Health Laboratory (1) [L/F]

BIOL 230

Introductory Biology I (5) [L/F]

BIOL 300

Nature Study [L/F]

BIOL 305

Marine Animals and Plants of the California Coast [L/F]

CHEM 121

The Chemical Causes and Prevention of Cancer [LLD]

Category C: Integrative Science

AA S 575

Asian American Community Health Issues

AIS 450

American Indian Science

ASTR 350

History of Astronomy

BIOL 160

Marine Biology

BIOL 310

Biology for Today's World

BIOL 313

Principles of Ecology [L/F]

BIOL 317

California Ecological Legacy

BIOL 318

Our Endangered Planet

BIOL 326


BIOL 330

Human Sexuality [LLD]

BIOL 333

The Genetic Revolution

BIOL 349

Bioethics [LLD]

BL S 201

Kemet, Afro-centricity, and the Dawn of Science [AERM, LLD]

BL S 213

Science and Spirituality in Ancient Africa II [LLD, AERM]

CHEM 107

Exploration of The Chemistry of Plants

CHEM 108

Exploration of The Chemistry of Plants Laboratory (1) [L/F]

CHEM 120

Nature of Cancer: A Molecular Perspective [LLD]

CHEM 380

Chemistry Behind Environmental Pollution

ENGR 210

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

ENGR 220

Energy: Resources, Alternatives, and Conservation


Environmental Problems and Solutions

ETHS 125

Introduction to Health in American Ethnic Communities

GEOG 101

Our Physical Environment

GEOL 270

Environmental Geology [L/F]

GEOL 305

Energy and Its Environmental Issues [L/F]

H ED 418

Environmental Health

H ED 420


KIN 355

Science, Sport, and Fitness

KIN 450

Substance Use: Sport and Exercise (2)

NEXA 200

Science and Culture

NEXA 281

Mythic and Scientific Thought

NEXA 387

Origins of Modern Science

PHIL 350

Philosophy of Science: The Natural Sciences

PHIL 365

Science and Civilization

PHIL 383

Ethics in Medicine

RAZA 210

Latino Health Care Perspectives [LLD-AERM]

SCI 560

Science Writing

Behavioral and Social Sciences Area (9 units)

Freshman Student Pattern

  1. Students must complete one course in Category A (three units minimum), one course in Category B (three units minimum), and one course in Category C (three units minimum).
  2. Courses with at least two different departmental prefixes must be selected.

Transfer Student Pattern

  1. Courses need not be selected according to category requirements.
  2. Courses with at least two different departmental prefixes must be selected.

Category A: Individual in Social Context

AA S 315

Chinese American Personality [LLD]

AA S 335

Japanese American Personality [LLD]

AA S 355

Psyche and Behavior of Filipinos [LLD]

AA S 375

Vietnamese American Identity [LLD]

AA S 550

Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage [LLD]

ANTH 120

Introductory Social and Cultural Anthropology

WOMS 595

Anthropology of Women [LLD]

BL S 200

Introduction to Black Psychology [AERM]

BL S 215

Black Family Studies [AERM, LLD]

ECON 101

Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis

GEOG 455

Geography of Ethnic Communities [AERM]

H ED 414

Women's Health Problems and Issues [LLD]


Philosophical Issues in Sexuality [LLD]

HMSX 469/PHIL 445

Sex and Morality [LLD]

KIN 300

Health-related Fitness and Wellness [LLD]

KIN 331

Peak Performance

KIN 487

Motor Development [LLD]

PSY 101

Psychology of Personal Development [LLD]

PSY 200

General Psychology [LLD]

PSY 305

Contemporary Issues in Psychology (1-3) [LLD]

PSY 440

Social Psychology [LLD]

RAZA 510

Psychodynamics of the La Raza Family Structure [AERM, LLD]

REC 220

Leisure Lifestyle Development [LLD]

REC 230

Growth Through Adventure [LLD]

REC 380

Developmental Play Processes [LLD]

SPCH 531

Conflict Resolution (4) [LLD]

SPCH 537

Leadership Communication

S S 105

Individual, Society, and Culture: Their Interaction in America [AERM, LLD]

WOMS 200

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

WOMS 533

Women, Men, and Cultural Change [LLD]

Category B: Decision-making and Social Policy at the Societal Level

AIS 410

Perspectives of Native California Indians [AERM]


Racism: Cross-cultural Analysis [AERM, LLD]

C J 300

Criminal Justice: A Cross-disciplinary Perspective (4)

ECON 100

Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis

ECON 305

Economic Analysis for Non-majors

ETHS 100

Introduction to Ethnic Studies

GEOG 421

Future Environments

H ED 455

Community Organizing and Community Building for Health [AERM, LLD]

HMSX 569/PHIL 455

Sex and the Law [LLD]

I R/S S 104

Introduction to World Affairs

KIN 502

Sport and Social Issues

LABR 250

Introduction to the Study of Labor [LLD]

LABR 251

Know Your Work Rights [LLD]

P A/PLSI 400

Public Policy Process

PHIL 130

Political and Social Philosophy

PHIL 330

Political Philosophy

PHIL 335

Law and Society

PLSI 100

Understanding Politics

PLSI/S S 106

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy: Introduction to Political Economy

PLSI 466

Racial Politics and American Democracy (4) [AERM]

RAZA 280

Acculturation Problems of La Raza [AERM]

SOC 105

Sociological Perspectives [AERM, LLD]


Changing Cities

Category C: History, Cross-cultural, and Global Contexts

AIS 150

American Indian History in the United States [AERM]

ANTH 110

Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 321

Endangered Cultures

BL S 111

Black Cultures and Personalities [AERM, LLD]

BL S 203

Introduction to Black Social Science [AERM]

BL S 290

Malcolm X and Black Nationalism

ETHS 220

Asians in America [AERM]

ETHS 260

Ethnic Studies: The African American and Western Racism [AERM, LLD]

ETHS 265

Issues in Raza History

GEOG 102

The Human Environment [LLD]

GEOG 107

World Regions and Interrelations

HIST 114

World History to 1500

HIST 115

World History Since 1500

HIST 400

Modern European Imperialism

HIST 464

American Ethnic and Racial Relations I: 1740-1890 [AERM]

HIST 465

American Ethnic and Racial Relations II: 1890-Present [AERM]

KIN 457

Culture, Gender, and Movement [AERM]

NEXA 330

Marxism, Feminism, and Social Change

NEXA 340

The Nuclear Revolution

NEXA 383

The City in Civilization

NEXA 384

Words, Culture, and Change

PLSI 416

Ethnicity and Nationalism

RAZA 435

Oral History and Traditions: Theory and Practice [AERM]

RAZA 465

Mexican-Americans: History and Heritage [AERM]

REC 420

Leisure and Contemporary Society [LLD]

SOC 272

Social Inequality (4) [LLD]

WOMS 561

Women of Color in the U.S. [AERM]

WOMS 562

History of African American Women [AERM]

Humanities and Creative Arts Area (9 units)

Specific Requirements

Freshman Student Pattern

  1. In the HCA Area, a minimum of nine units must be selected from at least three of the five HCA Categories (A-E).
  2. If elected, a minimum of two units should be selected in HCA Categories B and D.
  3. Courses with at least two different departmental prefixes must be selected.

Transfer Student Pattern

  1. Courses need not be selected according to category requirements.
  2. Courses with at least two different departmental prefixes must be selected.

Category A: Major Humanistic/Artistic Achievements

AA S 622

Asian American Women's Literature and the Arts

AIS 162

American Indian Oral Literature [AERM]

ART 201

Western Art History I

ART 202

Western Art History II

BL S 204

Introduction to Black Creative Arts [AERM]

CLAR 250

Archaeology of the Ancient World

CLAS 330

Ancient Epic Tales

CLAS 360

Greek and Roman Mythology

CWL 230

Introduction to World Literature

CWL 250

Fables and Tales

CWL 260

Myths of the World

ENG 154

Masterworks of Literature in English

ENG 159

Beginning Shakespeare

ENG 550

The Rise of the Novel (3,4)

HUM 130

The Humanities: Major Works

HUM 220

Values and Culture

ID 341

Contemporary Design in Housing and Interiors

PHIL 301

Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 302

Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 303

Modern Philosophy

RAZA 230

Introduction to Contemporary Raza Literature [AERM]

TH A 401

Theatre Backgrounds: 500 BC-1642

TH A 402

Theatre Backgrounds: 1642-1900

TH A 403

Theatre Backgrounds: 1900-Present

TH A 406

The Art of Comedy

TH A 408

Asian Plays and Performance Styles

Category B: Disciplines and Interdisciplines

AA S 206

Introduction to Asian American Literature

AIS 235

American Indians: Image and Issues in the Mass Media [AERM]

BECA 201

Life on TV: A Critical View

BL S 221

Afro-American Music: A 20th Century Survey [AERM, LLD]

BL S 225

Images and Issues in Black Visual Media [AERM, LLD]

BL S 280

Introduction to African Philosophy

CA 380

Arts and Social Change

CINE 325

Focus on Film Topics (1) [maximum of 3 units allowed for G.E. purposes]

ENG 601

Literature and Psychology

ENG 616

Science Fiction and Fantasy

ETHS 360

Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature [AERM]

HUM 302

Theories and Methods in the Humanities

HUM 303

Cultural Periods and Styles

ID 240

Color and Design

KIN 322

Sport in America

MUS 501

Music, The Listener's Art [LLD]

NEXA 200

Science and Culture

NEXA 281

Mythic and Scientific Thought

PHIL 101

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 105

Introduction to Philosophy and Religion


Contemporary Moral and Political Issues

PHIL 160

Introduction to Philosophy of the Arts

RAZA 320

Art History of La Raza [AERM]

RAZA 425

Comparative Music Folklore [AERM]

RAZA 475

Aztec Philosophy [AERM]

SPCH 302

Communication and Social Process (4)

SPCH 502

Interpersonal Communication (4) [LLD]

TH A 300

Theatre Imagination

Category C: Historical/Social/Ethnic/Cultural Contexts

AIS 230

American Indian Lifestyles [AERM, LLD]

AMST 410/
HUM 450

California Culture

ART 204

The Arts of Africa, the Pacific, and Native Americas

ART 205

Asian Art History

BECA 422

Social Aspects of Electronic Media

BL S 210

Introduction to Black Literature [AERM]

BL S 303

Afro-American History [AERM]

CINE 102

Introduction to Contemporary Cinema

CINE 200

Introduction to Cinema Studies

CINE 342

Documentary Film

CLAS 410/
HUM 401

Classical Culture: Greece

CLAS 415/
HUM 402

Classical Culture: Rome

DAI 356

History of Design and Technology

DANC 236

Folklore of Dance: African/Haitian (2)

DANC 432

Dunham: History and Philosophy [LLD]

ENG 155

Contemporary Literature

ENG 158

American Literature

ENG 411

English as a Second Language: Literature and Composition

ENG 602

Literature and Society

ENG 631

Post-Colonial Literature in English

ETHS 210

Asian-American Culture [AERM]

ETHS 270

Ethnic Studies: La Raza Experience [AERM]

HIST 110

History of Western Civilization I [LLD]

HIST 111

History of Western Civilization II [LLD]

HUM 225

Values in American Life [AERM]

HUM 301

Styles and Expressive Forms

HUM 407

Romanticism and Impressionism

HUM 455

Humanities of the Americas [AERM]

HUM 470

American Autobiography

JOUR 200

Journalism and the Mass Media

MUS 505

Music of the World's Peoples

MUS 506

Survey of Jazz

MUS 511

The Roots of Rock

NEXA 380

Cosmologies and World Views

NEXA 383

The City in Civilization

PHIL 210

Great Thinkers: East and West

PHIL 502

World Religions

RAZA 455

Resistance Literature of the Americas [AERM]

RAZA 575

Raza Culture and Identity [AERM]

RAZA 679

Genesis of the History of Central American Literature: Roots to the Present [AERM]

SPCH 542

Intracultural Communication (4) [AERM]

WOMS 548

Literature by U.S. Women of Color [AERM]

Category D: Active Creative Participation

See Course Descriptions section for credit and/or unit limitations for courses in this HCA Category.

AA S 304

Asian American Community Arts Workshop

AA S 308

Photographic Exploration of Asian America

AA S 406

Asian American Workshop in Creative Writing

AIS 220

American Indian Music

AIS 225

American Indian Art

ART 222

Textiles 1

ART 225

Jewelry and Metalsmithing 1

ART 231

Drawing 1

ART 235

Printmaking 1

ART 240

Sculpture 1

ART 245

Ceramics 1

ART 260

Photography 1

BL S 217

African Rhythm and Drum Experience [AERM]

BL S 256

Hip Hop Workshop [AERM, LLD]

CA 300

Video Art: New Models of Production

C W 101

Introduction to Creative Writing

DAI 110

The Arts of Industry

DAI 300

Design I

DAI 320

Drafting and Sketching for Design

DAI 321

Introduction to Computer-aided Drafting

DAI 322

Computer Graphic Imaging

DAI 326

Graphic Reproduction Technology I

DAI 342

Metal Manufacturing

DAI 344

Plastics Technology I

DANC 160

African-Haitian Dance I (1)

DANC 163

Ballet I (1)

DANC 166

Ballroom Dance (1)

DANC 173

Modern Dance I (1)

DANC 176

Modern Jazz Dance I (1)

DANC 207

Dance in Cultural Context (2)

DANC 232

Dance Composition: Choreography I

DANC 310

Dance Conditioning [LLD]

DANC 316

Dunham Dance Technique [LLD]

JAPN 200

The Art of Japanese Writing and Calligraphy

KIN 106

Elementary Aikido (1)

KIN 109

Archery (1)

KIN 110

Movement and Self-awareness (1)

KIN 136

Hatha Yoga (1)

KIN 142

Elementary Judo (1)

KIN 145

Elementary Karate (1)

KIN 148

Elementary Kung Fu (1)

KIN 150

Kajukenbo (1)

KIN 158

Personal Defense (2)

KIN 161

Shaolin Chuan: TAN-TUI (1)

KIN 175

Elementary Tai-Chi Chuan (1)

KIN 236

Intermediate/Advanced Hatha Yoga

KIN 275

Intermediate/Advanced Tai-Chi Chuan (2)

MUS 120

Basic Music I: Dance

MUS 120

Basic Music I: Ensemble Instruments

MUS 120

Basic Music I: Piano

MUS 120

Basic Music I: Guitar

MUS 120

Basic Music I: Voice

MUS 121

Basic Music II: Piano

MUS 309

Singing for Self Expression I (1)

MUS 371

Orchestra (1)

MUS 372

Symphonic Winds (1)

MUS 373

Chamber Singers (1)

MUS 375

Women's Chorus (1)

MUS 379

University Chorus (1)

RAZA 205

Cyber Raza: Culture and Community On-line [AERM, LLD]

RAZA 305

La Raza Creative Writing Workshop

RAZA 490

La Raza Theatro Workshop

REC 330

Arts and Crafts for Leisure [LLD]

SPCH 362

Introduction to Oral Interpretation (4)

SPCH 363

Oral Interpretation of the First Person Voice (4)

SPCH 368

Forensics (2)

TH A 125

Movement I: Skills

TH A 130

Acting Workshop I

TH A 310

Scenery Props Laboratory and Crew (2)

TH A 312

Costume, Make-up Laboratory and Crew (2)

TH A 313

Lighting and Sound Laboratory and Crew (2)

TH A 333

Lyric Theatre Workshop

WOMS 303

Women as Creative Agents

Category E: Languages Other Than English

Students may take any language at any level as long as they meet the course prerequisites. Students should consult with language faculty about placement in the appropriate course and level. Most introductory courses are intended for beginning students and not for native or experienced speakers. Language faculty members retain the right to drop students on the first day of class who are not appropriately placed. These three units of GE language credit cannot be satisfied by examination or through the Credit by Evaluation for Experiential Learning program (CEEL).

AA S 171

Speak Vietnamese I

AA S 172

Speak Vietnamese II

ARAB 101

First Semester Arabic

BL S 260

Introduction to African Languages

CHIN 101

First Semester Chinese (5)

CHIN 102

Second Semester Chinese (5)

CHIN 103

Third Semester Chinese (5)

CHIN 251

Chinese Conversation

CHIN 311

Conversation and Reading

CHIN 312

Speech and Writing

CHIN 401

Advanced Chinese

CHIN 411

Media Chinese

CHIN 412

Advanced Oral Presentation and Writing

CHIN 501

Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHIN 507

Traditional Chinese Culture

CHIN 521

20th Century Fiction

CHIN 525

Chinese Applied Linguistics

CHIN 252

Chinese Characters

CHIN 580

Topics in Chinese Language and Literature

CLAR 502

Ancient Egyptian Language and Literature

FILI 101

First Semester Filipino

FILI 102

Second Semester Filipino

FR 101

First Semester French (5)

FR 102

Second Semester French (5)

FR 205

French in Review I

FR 206

French in Review II

FR 215

Intermediate French I

FR 216

Intermediate French II

FR 301

French Phonetics

FR 304

Advanced Grammar

FR 305

French Composition

FR 306

Advanced Conversation

FR 325

French Linguistics

FR 400

French Culture

FR 410

Contemporary French Civilization

FR 450

French/Francophone Literature, Linguistics, and/or Culture

FR 455

Langue et Culture Créole

FR 500

Introduction to Literary Texts

FR 501

La Littérature Française ã Travers Les Siècles: Themes et Genres

FR 505

Poésie Lyrique du Moyen Age

FR 510

French Medieval and Renaissance Literature

FR 515

Renaissance Française

FR 520

French Classicism

FR 530

Age of Reason

FR 535

Les Philosophes

FR 540

Romanticism, Realism, and Naturalism

FR 550

French Literature from Symbolism to Surrealism

FR 560

French Literature from Existentialism to the Present

FR 565

L'humour au XXème Siècle

GER 101

First Semester German (5)

GER 102

Second Semester German (5)

GER 201

German for Reading

GER 206

Intermediate German Conversation

GER 207

Intermediate German

GER 301

German in Review

GER 305

Advanced Grammar and Composition

GER 325

Applied German Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonemics

GER 326

Applied German Linguistics: Morphology and Syntax

GER 330

Issues in German Linguistics

GER 341

Intensive Language Practice and Analysis

GER 350

Translation Workshop

GER 390

German for Business

GER 401

German Culture and Civilization

GER 502

Contemporary Germany

GER 510

German Literature I

GER 511

German Literature II

GER 520

The Age of Goethe

GER 530

Die Deutsche Romantik

GER 535

Novellas and Short Stories

GER 539

German Literature: 1950 to Present

GER 556

19th and 20th Century German Plays

GER 590

Topics in German Literature

GRE 101

Elementary Ancient Greek (5)

GRE 202

Intermediate Ancient Greek (5)


First Semester Modern Hebrew


Second Semester Modern Hebrew


Third Semester Modern Hebrew


Fourth Semester Modern Hebrew


Biblical Hebrew Language and Literature

ITAL 101

First Semester Italian (5)

ITAL 102

Second Semester Italian (5)

ITAL 103

Third Semester Italian

ITAL 104

Fourth Semester Italian

ITAL 206

Italian Conversation

ITAL 305

Advanced Grammar and Composition

ITAL 325

Practical Linguistics of Italian

ITAL 350

Advanced Oral and Reading Practice

ITAL 401

Italian Culture and Civilization

ITAL 510

Italian Literature: Early Period

ITAL 511

Italian Literature: Late Period

ITAL 525

Literature of the Risorgimento

ITAL 530

Italian Renaissance Literature

ITAL 550

The Italian Theater

ITAL 560

The Italian Novel

ITAL 570

Italian Women Writers: 13th to 20th Centuries

ITAL 580

Great Figures in Italian Literature

ITAL 581

Divina Commedia

JAPN 101

First Semester Japanese (5)

JAPN 102

Second Semester Japanese (5)

JAPN 103

Third Semester Japanese (5)

JAPN 250

Intensive Study of Kanji

JAPN 251

Advanced Study of Kanji

JAPN 301

Japanese Conversation

JAPN 302

Japanese Reading and Grammar

JAPN 305

Advanced Conversation and Composition I

JAPN 306

Advanced Conversation and Composition II

JAPN 309

Advanced Readings in Japanese

JAPN 325

Practical Linguistics in Japanese

JAPN 330

Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions in Japanese

JAPN 350

Introduction to Translation

JAPN 390

Business Japanese

JAPN 395

Business Writing

JAPN 401

Topics in Japanese Culture

JAPN 510

Modern Japanese Literature

JAPN 560

Modern Japanese Fiction

JAPN 590

Topics in Japanese Literature

JAPN 690

Introduction to Consecutive Interpretation

LATN 101

Elementary Latin (5)

LATN 202

Intermediate Latin (5)


Modern Greek I


Modern Greek II

RUSS 101

First Semester Russian (5)

RUSS 102

Second Semester Russian (5)

RUSS 103

Third Semester Russian (5)

RUSS 104

Fourth Semester Russian (5)

RUSS 305

Advanced Grammar and Composition

RUSS 306

Advanced Conversation and Composition

RUSS 307

Advanced Reading and Composition

RUSS 308

Stylistics and Composition

RUSS 325

Practical Linguistics of Russian

RUSS 340

Contemporary Russian Press

RUSS 390

Business Russian

RUSS 401

Russian Culture and Civilization

RUSS 510

Russian Literature I

RUSS 511

Russian Literature II

SPAN 101

First Semester Spanish (5)

SPAN 102

Second Semester Spanish (5)

SPAN 205

Spanish Grammar Review

SPAN 206

Spanish Conversation

SPAN 216

Intermediate Conversation and Reading

SPAN 301

Advanced Grammar

SPAN 305

Advanced Composition

SPAN 306

Advanced Reading and Conversation

SPAN 325

Applied Spanish Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonemics

SPAN 326

Applied Spanish Linguistics: Morphology and Syntax

SPAN 350

Practical and Literary Translation

SPAN 401

Culture and Civilization of Spain

SPAN 405

Culture and Civilization of Spanish America

SPAN 500

Introduction to Literary Criticism

SPAN 521

Spanish Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Literature

SPAN 523

18th and 19th Century Spanish Literature

SPAN 525

20th Century Spanish Literature

SPAN 541

Spanish American Literature: Discovery to Early Romanticism

SPAN 543

Spanish American Literature: Romanticism to Modernism

SPAN 545

20th Century Spanish American Literature

SPAN 562

Cervantes: The Quijote

SPAN 580

Great Figures in Hispanic Literature

SPAN 595

Senior Survey in Spanish or Spanish American Literature

General Education Program, Segment III

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