Interdisciplinary Digital Arts

College of Creative Arts
Dean: Keith Morrison

Interdisciplinary Digital Arts Program
CA 251
Director: Jan Milsapps

Advisers: P. Levine, S. Patterson, J. Millsapps, J. Veeder, W. Cheng


Certificate in Interdisciplinary Digital Arts

Program Scope

This 30-unit certificate program is designed for artists and media producers who wish to use digital tools in their creative work. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary foundation in digital skills and theory/criticism, plus advanced course work in discipline-specific areas within the visual arts, media arts, and performing arts. Students in the program are required to complete an internship, to pass a senior portfolio review, and to fulfill major requirements for an undergraduate degree in a creative arts area in order to receive the certificate.


Admission Requirements

Program application is limited to undergraduate majors in the College of Creative Arts who have earned at least 56 units, have completed foundation work (core courses) in their major area with a GPA of at least 3.4, and have completed their lower division English proficiency requirement (see below). Additional admission requirements include a written statement and portfolio review of creative work.

Students should apply by April 1 each spring for entry the following fall; notification of acceptance is sent by April 30. Entry into the program is limited to space, equipment, and teaching resources available. Students who wish to apply to this program should contact the designated adviser within his/her own department or the director of the IDA program for further information.

English Proficiency Requirement

Applicants are expected to have competent writing skills; writing ability is evaluated based on the writing sample in the student's application and successful completion of one of the following:

Students may be advised to improve their writing skills by enrolling in one or more writing courses in the College of Creative Arts.

Core Courses Units
Group A: Required of all students
DAI 227 Rethinking Digital Media 3
CA 301 Introduction to Computers as Arts Media 3
Group B: Units selected on advisement 6
ART 410/412 Conceptual Strategies I and Computer Applications in Conceptual Design I (must be taken concurrently)  
BECA 235 Digital Media Basics (may be substituted for CA 301 with adviser's permission)
BECA 340 Media Aesthetics
BECA 390 Age of Information
CINE 354 Short Format Writing
CINE 423 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
DAI 322 Computer Graphics: Imaging
DAI 325 Graphic Design I: Introduction
DAI 327 Digital Media I: Introduction
CA 300 Video Art: New Modes of Production
CA 380 Arts and Social Change
Total for core 12
Elective Courses
Units selected on advisement 12
ART 511 Conceptual and Information Arts: Special Areas [topics vary by semester]  
BECA 435 Aesthetics of Sound
BECA 437 Digital Audio
BECA 547 Desktop Video Production
BECA 590 New Electronic Communication Technologies
BECA 591 On-line News
BECA 593 Interactive Electronic Media Workshop
BECA 670 Writing for Interactive Cinema
BECA 693 Interactive Electronic Media Workshop II
CA 514 Preparation for Graduate Writing
CINE 523 Exploration in Interactive Cinema
CINE 524 Digital Sound for Film
CINE 612 Digital Cinema Workshop (1) [Variable topics]
CINE 623 Exploration in Cinema as an On-line Medium
CINE 660 3D Computer Animation
DAI 425 Graphic Design II
DAI 427 Digital Media II: Graphic User Interface Design
DAI 470 Portfolio Preparation (1)
DAI 527 Digital Media III: Web Design
DAI 575 Workshop—Topics available:
Design Computer Graphics
Design of Virtual Worlds
MUS 504 Survey of Electronic Music
MUS 436 Introduction to the Electronic Music Studio
MUS 438 Fundamentals of Computer Music
THA 413 Stage Lighting Design
THA 611 Seminar in Costume Design and Technology: Computer Graphics for Theatrical Design
Total for electives 12
Culminating Work
Internship (course number varies depending on student's major department.) 3
Senior Portfolio Production (independent study supervised by IDA adviser; course number varies depending on student's major department.) 3
Total for culminating work 6
Total for certificate 30

NOTE: Student may elect to take DAI 470 as partial fulfillment of portfolio requirement.

Program Information

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