The Career Center helps students and graduates in career and job connections. The center maintains and makes available networks of employers, faculty/staff, clubs, and organizations to assist in the search process for jobs and careers. The university serves equal opportunity employers only. The Career Center is located at ADM 211, 338-1761, e-mail:


JobsLine--part-time, full-time, internship, and on-campus jobs.

ejobs--Web-based job listings, resume distribution, and personal e-mail service.

Job Listings on Paper--listings in binders, sent in by mail or fax.

On-Campus Interviews--companies and agencies interviewing on campus.

Internships/Cooperative Education--practical experience enhancing both the student's learning and resumé.

Career Planning

Career Counseling--counseling for any career related need.

Career Library--directories, lists, job search materials, occupational information, etc., all in one place.

Career Groups, Clinics--support groups for the undecided and the job searcher. Clinics to work on resumés, interviewing skills, job search strategies, etc.

Career Events, Fairs, etc.--special career fairs, workshops, class presentations, student organization programs--all custom designed to meet group needs.

Career Development Courses

From Classroom to Career (COUN 333)--class taught on the Internet.

Workability IV--job search skills and experiences for students with disabilities.

Faculty/Staff Services

Information Services--handy career information and research customized for interested faculty and staff to use in their work.

Cooperative Events--career panels, information days, mini-career fairs, etc.; all cooperatively designed and implemented.

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