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EDUC 660 : Preparing for the Teaching Profession

Prerequisites: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.
Description: Review of teaching careers in California, including supply and demand, introduction to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), credentialing process and types of credentials in the state, and the process for applying to a credential program at SFSU. CR/NC grading only.
Units: 1

EDUC 703 : School/Community Partnership For Change

Prerequisites: None
Description: Goals and processes of school/community partnerships designed to meet the contemporary needs of children, youth, and families. Interprofessional approach to role of school/community members as change agents. Priority enrollment given to graduate students in education, public administration, counseling, nursing, social work.
Units: 3

EDUC 805 : Sexuality Education and Policy

Prerequisites: Graduate status or consent of instructor.
Description: Cross listed with SXS 805. For course description, see SXS 805. (May not be repeated under alternate prefix.)
Units: 3
Latest Offering: Spring 2012

EDUC 998 : Doctoral Dissertation in Educational Leadership

Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
Description: Independent student research leading to the completion of the doctoral dissertation. Open only to students in the joint doctoral program in educational leadership. May be repeated for a total of 15 units.
Units: 3-9
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