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CA 101 : First Year Experience in Creative Arts

Prerequisites: None
Description: Exploration of the creative arts' role in culture. Focus on integration of creative thinking modalities with critical thinking skills to enhance artistic scope, study efficiency, and academic performance. Introduction to campus resources for learning and for personal growth. (Plus-minus ABC/NC grading only.)
Units: 3

CA 301 : Introduction to Computers as Arts Media

Prerequisites: Upper division standing and creative arts major.
Description: Survey of current digital art media using graphics, animation, video, sound. Applications: Photoshop, Audacity, Final Cut Pro HD, Macromedia Director. Critical discussions on digital art in contemporary culture. Laboratory.
Units: 3

CA 380 : Arts and Social Change

Prerequisites: ENG 114 or equivalent.
Description: Arts expression in media, performance, and visual arts as voices of cultural diversity, enhancement, and change.
General Education:
  • Segment II Area - Humanities and Creative Arts Area (HCA)
  • Segment III Cluster - Human Expression: Diversity, Contradiction, Unity
Units: 3

CA 514 : Preparation for Graduate Writing

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and must be recommended by student's graduate program or consent of instructor.
Description: Designed for students who need to improve their writing proficiency in preparation for graduate-level work. May not be used to meet master's degree ATC requirements. (CR/NC grading only.)
Units: 3

CA 699 : Independent Study in Creative Arts

Prerequisites: Upper division standing; consent of instructor, adviser, department chair, and college dean.
Description: Individual study, under supervision of faculty member selected by student, of an aspect of creative arts not covered by regular courses. May be repeated up to 6 units. No more than 3 units may be taken during any one semester.
Units: 1-3
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