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SOTA Demolition Project

Project Update


Construction Dates

July 5, 2012 to November 5, 2012


Ownership of the former School of the Arts (SOTA) site transferred from the San Francisco Unified School District to the State of California on May 30, 2012. The 2.5-acre site, located at Font Boulevard and Tapia Drive, occupies a pivotal location, connecting the academic core east-west and housing north-south. The existing structures are derelict and need to be removed. The project abates all hazardous materials and demolishes all structures to prepare the site for future use.

Scope of work

    Following is a detailed scope of work:

  • Install fencing around perimeter of site.
  • Clear building of all loose furniture, trash and debris.
  • Abate hazardous materials within building.
  • Demolish all interior finishes down to structure.
  • Demolish concrete structure and remove concrete to Lot 25 for crushing and storage.
  • Rough grade site for future development.
Project Team

The project team consists of the Byrens Kim Design Works, architects; PSI, Inc., environmental consultant; and Parc Services Inc., abatement and demolition contractor.



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