Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate and Related Studies

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The Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate encompasses core values reflected in our mission, vision and philosophy.


Our mission is to prepare candidates to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and skill in providing competent, humanistic and meaningful support to learners on the autism spectrum, representing diverse ages, abilities, languages, cultures, economic backgrounds and socio-cultural experiences.


Our vision is to offer state-of-the-art preparation by advancing training, research, program development and policy efforts dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people on the autism spectrum and their families worldwide.



Our philosophy embraces the mosaic as a symbol in distinct, yet complementary ways:

Similar to a puzzle, the mosaic represents the complex nature and multifaceted issues unique to understanding and supporting people on the autism spectrum, across the lifespan.

The mosaic reflects the collection of specialized practices that must be uniquely crafted for each individual by competent professionals and families to maximize learning, development, independent functioning and participation in the full range of social, cultural and quality of life experiences.

The mosaic is a symbol of inclusion and diversity to advance the educational experience by bringing together communities of learners from all walks of life - including those with differing abilities, cultural, language, social, and economic backgrounds.

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