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SF State Alumni Groups

Chapters and groups provide a fun mix of social, cultural, athletic, and academic activities for alumni. While a paid membership in the Alumni Association is not required to sign-up to receive information from each alumni group/chapter, it is encouraged.

Check out a photo gallery of each formally recognized alumni group/chapter listed below:

Affinity Groups

  • EMBA Alumni: Established on September 9, 2010, and led by Elisa Lau with assistance from Lisa Wu (BA '12).
  • EOP Alumni: Established on November 28, 2011, and led by Mr. Alberto E. Olivares.
  • Graduate Business Alumni: Established on August 6, 2012, Graduate Business Alumni Group is led by Ms. Sarah Brackett (MBA '11).
  • International Relations Alumni: Established on May 8, 2014, and led by Mr. Eric Tesar (BA '11).
  • Social Work & Gerontology Alumni: Established on June 24, 2009, and led by Ms. Kristina Lovato-Hermann (MSW '06).
  • Theatre Alumni: Established on August 5, 2009, and led by Ms. Rebecca Kinskey (BA '05).
  • Recreation, Parks & Tourism Alumni: Established on October 21, 2009, and led by Mr. Paul O'Connor (MS '06).

Constituent Groups

  • Black Alumni: Established on December 12, 2008, and led by Ms. Monika Brooks (BA '03).
  • Raza Alumni: Established on January 19, 2012, and led by Mr. Mario Flores (BA '05).

Regional Alumni Groups

United States

  • Austin: Established on January 6, 2010, and led by Ms. Heather Witte (MS '99).
  • Las Vegas: Established on August 12, 2008, and led by Ms. Annie Duann (BA '04).
  • Los Angeles: Established on December 12, 2008, and led by Mr. Luke Asa Guidici (BA '03) with assistance from Esther Hersh (BA '79).
  • Phoenix: Established on March 12, 2010, and led by Ms. Shelley Wang (BS '93)
  • Portland: Established on November 14, 2008, and led by Mr. Gerry Munzing (BA '96) and Mr. Dana Weintraub (BA '83)..
  • New York Area: Established on July 14, 2008, and led by Mr. Chris Parnagian (BS '82), with assistance from Mr. Paul Dorr (BA '93).
  • Washington, DC: Established on September 3, 2008, and led by Ms. Michelle Grifka (BA '89).


  • France: Established on March 18, 2013, and led by Ms. April Yep (MBA '10).
  • Hong Kong: Established on July 25, 2008, and led by Ms. Sanda Wang (BS '05), with assistance from Mr. Stanley Cheung (BA '08).
  • Korea: Established on March 4, 2009, and led by Mr. Brian Sung (BS '95) with assistance from Mr. Homin Kim (BA '98).
  • Japan: Established on April 5, 1998, and led by Mrs. Shoko Araki (MA '82), with assistance from Ms. Kanami Uchida (MA '02).
  • Taiwan: Established on May 31, 2008, and led by Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang (MA '82), with advice from Dr. Wan-Lee Cheng, and assistance from Mr. Edward Chen (MBA '02) and Ms. Tina Li (MA '02).
  • Thailand: Established on October 16, 2008, and led by Mr. Nithiwat Chaichanasiri.

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