American Language Institute

         at San Francisco State University

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Admission to SF State

ALI students have several advantages when applying to SF State through the ALI. Students can:

  • Use an ALI institutional (paper) TOEFL score (must receive their TOEFL score during the semester of attendance).
  • Receive a pre-evaluation of their school transcripts to determine if they have a high enough grade point average.
  • Apply during their final semester of study at the ALI, even when SF State deadlines have passed.
  • Receive assistance with the application process from the International Student Advisors.

Students applying to the University must successfully complete one ALI class level with a "B" average or better and meet TOEFL requirements. ALI students who receive an SF State "Letter of Conditional Eligibility" must understand that this letter is not an official, final admission to the University; a separate application must still be filed during the student’s final semester at the ALI.
For more information, please visit the following pages on the SF State website:

Please note: Graduate program deadlines may be flexible for ALI students depending on departmental approval.
Most degree programs are open to ALI students who apply to SF State. However, a few programs are high-demand fields of study and are closed to applicants. Please check the following website for current High Demand & Impacted Programs.

SF State Application

Undergraduate & Graduate International Application
Please note: ALI cannot guarantee SF State graduate or undergraduate deadlines, requirements, and admission. These deadlines and requirements could change and could cause an ALI student to be ineligible to apply to SF State.
Please check the following SF State web addresses for current updates to SF State admission changes:

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