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AIS 694: Community Service Learning (1-3 Units variable)
Supervisor: Andrew Jolivette

Download Course Syllabus
Microsoft Word format: AIS 694 Syllabus Spring 2011.doc

Course Description
This course allows students to integrate classroom education with community participatory learning. Students must be enrolled concurrently in a primary AIS course that provides CSL as an option and must work with an organization approved by the department. Students have the option of enrolling in 1-3 units. The total number of service hours required over the semester depends on the total number of units enrolled in: 1 unit = 15 hours; 2 units = 30 hours; 3 units = 45 hours. For the major and minor in American Indian Studies, students must complete a total of 3 units in AIS 694 but they can be taken in any combination. Up to three additional units may be taken as an elective.

List of AIS Community Service Learning Organizations:
Please note that serving with these organizations is very competetive. Each organization has a limited number of CSL students that they take each semester, so positions will be filled on a first come basis.

American Indian Child Resource Center Logo


American Indian Child Resource Center
American Indian Child Resource Center: The AICRC is a nonprofit social service and education agency serving American Indian children and their families. Governed by a voluntary Board of Directors with Indian members who are sensitive to the issues facing Indian families, AICRC has thrived for over 30 years in Oakland with services in ten counties of the greater Bay Area.

Contact: Corrina Gould Phone: (510) 208-1870, ext. 319 Email: corrina@aicrc.org

Contact: Mary Trimble Norris, Executive Director Phone: (510) 208-1870, ext. 305 Email: mary@aicrc.org

Address: 522 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94610 Phone (510) 208-1870 Fax (510) 208-1886 http://www.aicrc.org/ email: aicrc@aicrc.org

California Indian Environmental Alliance
The CIEA is a native nonprofit educational, tribal capacity-building and advocacy organization working on cleaning up mining toxins, with specific focus on mercury a neurotoxin that threatens the spiritual, ceremonial and cultural relationship of California Native Peoples by contaminating fish in California’s rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Interns gain valuable experience conducting research, initiating community outreach and gaining access to environmental health and public policy officers working in local, state and federal programs.

Contact: Sherri Norris, Executive Director Phone: (510) 848-2043 Email: sherri@cieaweb.org
Website: www.cieaweb.org

Address: PO Box 2128, Berkeley, Ca. 94702

Cultural Conservancy Logo

Cultural Conservancy Logo

Cultural Conservancy
The Cultural Conservancy is a Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of indigenous cultures and their ancestral lands. We are a research, education, and advocacy organization. We provide mediation, legal, information referral, and audio recording services. We also produce educational programs and materials and technical trainings on Native land conservation and land rights, cultural and ecological restoration, and traditional indigenous arts and spiritual values.

Contact: Prof. Melissa Nelson or Phil Klasky
Office: (415) 338-7062
Email: mknelson@sfsu.edu or pklasky@igc.org

Contact: Nicola Wagenberg
Email: nicola@nativeland.org

Cultural Conservancy
P.O. Box 29044
Presidio of San Francisco
CA 94129-0044
Tel: (415) 561-6594
Fax: (415) 561-6482

Indian Canyon Logo

Indian Canyon Logo

Indian Canyon in Hollister, California
Indian Canyon, located in a beautiful canyon near Hollister south of San Jose, is an intertribal resource for ceremony and gatherings with a nature and culture museum. Ann Marie Sayers (Mutsun/Ohlone) lives at Indian Canyon, the only recognized California Indian Country (through an Individual Indian Allotment) in the California coastal region between Santa Barbara in the southern part of the state and the Point Reyes/Clear Lake area, in the north. Activities and research at the Canyon focuses on issues and events concerning the precious land at Indian Canyon, as well as outreach and information regarding California Indians in general. CSL students engage in research, help to maintain the grounds, develop outreach materials, assist in fundraising and other needed activities. Consult with Phil Klasky or Melissa Nelson before contact with Ann Marie Sayers regarding a CSL internship.

Contact: Prof. Melissa Nelson or Phil Klasky
Office: (415) 338-7062
Email: mknelson@sfsu.edu or pklasky@igc.org

Contact: Ann Marie Sayers, Tribal Chair
Phone: (831) 637-4238
PO Box 28
Hollister, CA 95024

Indian Canyon Logo

Save the Intertribal Friendship House of Oakland Poster

The Intertribal Friendship House of Oakland
InterTribal Friendship House of Oakland ("IFH") is a Native American cultural center for indigenous residents of all nations for the Bay area. The center provides after school programs, clothing donation programs, traditional Native American dance lessons, traditional bead work classes, substance abuse meetings, and houses an extensive oral history and photographic history of Native Americans in the Bay area. IFH also serves as a general meeting place for community members to voice concerns, promote civic functions, and gather resources regarding Native American culture.

Contact: Martha Martinez, Executive Director
InterTribal Friendship House of Oakland
523 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94606
Office: (510) 452-1235
http://www.intertribal.homestead.com/ (disabled)

International Indian Treaty Council
Indian Canyon Logo

International Indian Treaty Council Logo

The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands.

Contact: Alberto Saldamando
Phone:(415) 641-4482
Email: alberto@treatycouncil.org
Website: http://www.treatycouncil.org/

International Indian Treaty Council
The Redstone Building
2940 16th St. Suite 305
San Francisco, CA 94103-3664
Office: (415) 641-4482
FAX (415)641-1298

Native American AIDS Project

The Native American AIDS Project's mission is to provide culturally competent services that celebrate the Native American culture to individuals living in the San Francisco Bay Area. NAAP sustains and contributes to the well-being and continued connection of Native people to culturally-appropriate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Contact: Joan Benoit
1540 Market St. #130
San Francisco CA 94102

Telephone: 415-431-6227 Fax: 415-431-6257

8. Native TANF Program of San Francisco County (administered by the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California)

Washoe Tribe Logo

Washoe Tribe Logo

TANF provides welfare related services to needy Indian families with a child (expecting) in need of temporary aid and services, provides Indian participants with job preparation, work and supportive services to enable them to leave the program and become self sufficient, and provides services to Indian families at risk of welfare dependency.

Contact: Angela Huapaya, Case Worker
Phone: (415) 522-5100 x2204
FAX: (415) 522-5103
Email: ahuapaya@washoetanf.org

1663 Mission Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94103
Website: http://www.washoetribe.us/tanf_services.asp

American Indian Studies Department
College of Ethnic Studies • San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132

Main Office: (415) 338-1054/405-3928
FAX: (415) 405-0496
Email: aismain@sfsu.edu