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A video interview with Andrew Jolivette about his new book: Obama and the Biracial Factor: The Battle for a New American Majority

Cover Soveriegnity Matters Book

Native Acts Cover

Joanne Barker has a new book released:
Native Acts: Law, Recognition, and Cultural Authenticity
Duke University Press, August 2011
Click for more information

Congratulations to Spring Graduates!

Continuing Majors Fall 2012:
Zachary Brodrick
Mariah Cruz
Randall Cunningham
Amelia Durante
Alex Fortag
CS Gomora
Jenna Hamilton
Desirae Harp
Michelle Honey
Nicole Howell
Tristen Orosco
Alyssa Percell
Christopher Powell
Taylor Rhodes
Emma Rice
Angelito Shul
William Spangle
Adelina Trujillo
Kyle Vance

Continuing Minors Fall 2012
Emily Arante
Cheyenne Cruz
Karla Guerrero
Darlene Hartley
Kristina Kerley
David Lopes
Alisa Mattson
Keith Riley
Clayton Rothchild-Collins
Riley Smith
Kristen Torres
Jake Velazquez

2012 Majors
Gavin Bruce
Cassandra Freeman
Shae Hancock
April Lopez
Rafael Moreno
Trevor Ware

2012 Minors
Stephen Kane
Jessica Orozco
Gilberto Ramirez
Ashley Richard

Spring 2011/Majors
Jacob Davis Stillman
Nora E. Hemm
Steven James McBride
Arleen Marie Robles

Spring 2011/Minors
Monica Katherine Siverson
Krystle Marie Lake
Yolanda Daphne Webb

Spring 2010/Majors
Sarah Caufield Ferguson
Melody Nicolette Pilotte

Spring 2010/Minors
Moses Rodriguez
Katarina Isabella Cook
Steve Moquin

Summer 2010/Majors
Nichole Ashley Roether

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