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UAC Student Workers

Throughout the year various student positions are available in the Advising Center. They include: work study positions, student assistant positions, gatoraider positions, peer counselor positions, and counselor in training positions.

All student work study and student assistant positions are posted online on the MonsterTRAK site maintained by the Career Center for a minimum of 14 days. Application procedures will also be found on the job posting.

Gatoraider positions are filled through the New Student Program Counseling 325 and 699 classes.

Information on Peer counselor positions are available HERE.

Counselor in training positions are available HERE.


Work-Study Positions

Before you can be hired for a Work-Study job, you need a Work-Study Clearance Form. This form will be mailed to you during the month of August or thereafter if you are enrolled in full time units and you have cleared all Holds on your financial aid record. Instructions will be included with the form. If at any point in the semester your work-study award changes you will be mail a revised Work-Study Clearance Form.

Additionally you must have completed the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) process. To complete the I-9 process you must go to the Office of Student Financial Aid and bring one of the following: U.S. passport, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization or Alien Registration Card with recent photograph. If you don't have one of these documents, you may bring in 2 of the following - one from each column:

Column A

State-issued driver's license
State-issued ID card with a photograph
U.S. Military card
Student photo identification card

Column B

Original Social Security Card
Birth certificate bearing a seal or other certifications
Unexpired INS Employment Authorization


Student Assistant Positions

Before you can be hired for a Student Assistant job, you need to complete the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) process (see above).

Once you have completed the I-9 process you must obtain an EEV (Employment Eligibility Verification) form to take to your employer. You can request this form at the time that you complete the I-9 process. The EEV verifies that you have completed the I-9 process and that you are enrolled at least half-time. Your employer should keep your EEV on file in their office. If you have more than one job, you must present an EEV form to each employer.

All Student Workers

All students will have to fill in a Student Action Payroll Request (SPAR) form before starting to work. This will be supplied by your supervisor. Procedures are different for International Students who must meet with a Tax Specialist in Internal Audit to determine residency for tax purposes and complete hiring documents.

All students will also have to complete a Confidentiality Access and Compliance Form, also available from your supervisor.

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