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Peer Counselors

Goal of the Program

The Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) believes that Peer Counselors are an indispensable part of the services we offer at the UAC. Working directly with and supervised by an Academic Counselor, Peer Counselors provide general information to undergraduate students regarding university and college requirements and procedures; offer career and graduate school information; and organize academic programs.

This program provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical skills and experience in the areas of advising, programming, communication, marketing, and administration.

Benefits of Being Involved

  • Gain valuable work experience; build resume
  • Improve leadership and organizational skills
  • Learn and develop basic counseling skills
  • Practice and improve public speaking skills
  • Explore career options
  • Get a letter of reference
  • Get involved on campus
  • Help other students

Typical Duties/Responsibilities

  • Provide drop-in advising at various locations on campus (Advising Center, Residence Halls, Student Center, etc.)
  • Provide general information to students about college requirements and procedures using the Bulletin and various handouts from resources throughout campus.
  • Make appropriate referrals to campus services and resources.
  • Coordinate one learning skills or career-oriented program each semester. Possible topics include time management, stress reduction, note taking, test preparation, a tour of the Career Center, a premed/law/business workshop, how to find a summer job, etc.
  • Assist the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator with academic programs and events, as requested.
  • Publicize UAC events and services using a varied marketing strategy including but not limited to flyers, banners, table tents, e-mail messages, presentations, etc.
  • Keep records of advising sessions and submit them to the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator.
  • Participate in on-going training and staff development activities.

Time Commitment/Terms of the Program

  • Peers will need to be available to start training the first week of class for the semester they are selected to begin the program.
  • Interested students need to be able to commit at least two semesters to being a peer (the first semester for training and the second semester for serving as a peer).
  • There is an application process, and students who are selected to participate will be required to commit 3 hours per week for training during their 1st semester. These hours are flexible and are based on the student’s schedule.
  • In the second semester, the Peer Counselors will work no more than 6 hours per week. These hours will include: on-going training, drop-in advising hours, staff meetings, and time devoted to program planning and administrative duties.
  • Ideally, peers will continue in the program for the full academic year; this is a flexible requirement based on the peer’s availability.
  • Peer Counselors are supervised by the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator. Continued participation in the program is contingent upon satisfactory performance evaluations by the Program Coordinator.


To apply, you must be a:

  • Currently enrolled San Francisco State University (SFSU) student and be planning on being enrolled during the time in which you are serving as a Peer
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (for interested freshmen, we will use your previous quarter/semester GPA once it is available)
  • Submit complete application packet to the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator (see details below).

To apply, please submit the following:

Application Form

  • Forms can be found HERE.


  • Please answer the following questions, limiting your answers to a maximum of one page:
    • Why do you want to be a Peer Counselor?
    • What qualities and experiences do you have that would make you a successful Peer Counselor?
    • How do you think this position fits into your future career and life goals?


  • The resume should briefly summarize your work experience, achievements, and relevant skills. If you need help creating this, please go to the Career Center, Student Services Bldg. Room 206.


  • You must submit a copy of your unofficial SFSU transcript so that we can verify your GPA. You can get this online at the mySFSU site. First semester freshmen can provide a list of current classes if no transcript is available.


  • Interviews will be held shortly after we receive the applications. The top applicants will be invited to an individual interview lasting approximately 30 minutes. Candidates will be interviewed by a professional staff member.
  • Complete application packets are due by 4:30pm on the last Monday in April. We may accept applications on a rolling basis after this date. Only complete application packets will be considered. Submit applications to:
    • Nixora Ferman, Intern Coordinator
    • San Francisco State University
    • Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC)
    • Administration Building 212
    • 1600 Holloway Avenue
    • San Francisco, CA 94132
    • Phone: (415) 338-0938
    • E-mail: nixora@sfsu.edu
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