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Undeclared/Undecided Majors

Overview of Services

One of the areas the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) is responsible for is working with undeclared students.

Lower-division: Freshmen & Sophomores

In the Undergraduate Advising Center we focus on providing support to undeclared students early on in their academic career. We encourage freshmen and sophomore students to spend their first two years at SF State exploring various majors by choosing General Education classes in multiple disciplines.


Upper-division: Juniors & Seniors

For junior and senior who are undeclared, our focus is somewhat different. Many of these students are on probation and have changed their major to undeclared after pursuing a particular major. Some of these students must change to undeclared just until they can meet the prerequisite requirements for their new chosen major; others are truly undecided and may need our assistance in exploring major options.


Probation Students

Undeclared students on probation are required to meet with an academic counselor each semester. Some of these students are undecided and need assistance in exploring majors where they may be more academically successful.

For more information on probation please click HERE.


Incoming & Prospective Students

The UAC assists incoming and prospective undeclared students by participating in Sneak Preview, Orientation, and Advising Day. The UAC sponsors undeclared workshops to assist students in understanding what it means to be undeclared, and to give students an overview of the services available at San Francisco State to help them with choosing a major.


Program Components & Contacts

Individual Appointments

The main focus of the Undeclared Program is meeting individually with students. Some of the topics covered in our appointments include: exploring majors, reviewing general education and graduation requirements, providing and interpreting assessment tools (e.g. True Colors), exploring careers, setting goals, developing study skills, and discussing probationary status.



Another component of the program is offering workshops to students who are undeclared. This year we offered a variety of workshops including:

  • Advising Center Workshops- The Advising Center offered workshops during the Fall and Spring semesters. Additionally, as part of our outreach efforts to “Getting Advising Early” several “Choosing a Major” workshops were given to Student organizations.
  • Sneak Preview – Sneak Preview occurs every Spring semester. This event is designed to bring prospective students to the campus and offer them a preview of the programs and services available at SFSU.
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