Post Orientation For Transfer Junior & Senior Students Admitted for Fall 2013

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What do I do if I missed orientation?

If you are a transfer student and you missed orientation, please follow the steps outlined below to prepare for registration. Print out and fill in the class planner to assist you.

Follow the steps below for strategies on getting critical information before trying to register on your own.

Step 1: Look up your registration date and time

  • Log on your MySFSU account at
  • Select "Registration Time" and find your Final Priority Registration (FPR) date and time. This is when you can register online.
  • Check for Administrative or Financial HOLDS. Holds will be indicated under "holds" box. Holds must be taken care of before you register, otherwise you will be unable to register.
  • If your registration date and time has passed already, you can only register during the OPEN REGISTRATION hours which are:
    • July 29th - August 9th: Mon-Fri 7pm to midnight; Sunday 8am - midnight
    • August 11th - 25th: Mon-Fri 8am to midnight; Sunday 8am - midnight
    • After August 25th at midnight, you can no longer register online.


Step 2: Pull up your Degree Audit Report (DARS) by logging onto the MySFSU and clicking on “DARS”

If your transcripts are in, this report will show you what you have completed towards your General Education (GE).  It may also show you some equivalencies in your major. Green check marks indicate the requirement is complete. Red "X" symbols indicate requirements not yet fulfilled.

Please note, if your transcripts are not in or have not yet been evaluaed, your DARS will not be accurate.


Step 3: Look up your Major Requirements

a) Using the links below, review your major requirements and choose some possible classes.  Write these classes on the major section of the class planner:

b) If your major has lower division classes (courses number below 300) you may need to evaluate equivalencies from your transfer school:

Your primary focus should be on major prerequisites, core and foundation courses.

c) Make sure to check for prerequisites for each major course.

Do not register for courses for which you do not meet the prerequisites or you may be dropped from those classes.


Step 4: Choose some possible GE classes and write them on the GE section of the class planner.

If you have any lower division GE you did not take before transferring, you can plan for these classes. Here is a  link to the lower division GE lists:

All students must complete at least 9 units of upper division GE at SF State.  These courses cannot be transferred in from other schools.  These are excellent choices for your first semester as you usually can find seats still available in these classes.

Here is a link to Segment III:

Select any 3 classes in Segment III classes and one of them needs to indicate CESD.  Please note, you may be able to find some classes that cross over with your major.  At least one Segment III course must be outside of your major department and program.


Step 5: Check the Class Schedule to see if the classes you want are available.

  • Look on our online class schedule:
  • Find classes that still have seats available and write down the five digit course schedule number on the class planner.
  • When you log onto your MySFSU portal at your registration time,  you will use these schedule numbers to enroll for each course.
  • During the Final Priority Registration you can register for up to 16 units (if you have tuition covered for full-time fees).  Starting August 11th you can enroll up to 19 units.


Step 6: Check your MySFSU to make sure you have paid tuition or you have a Financial Aid deferment.

  • If you have a financial aid fee deferment, you do not need to pay for tuition. Check your MySFSU to see if you have a deferment on file.
  • Please look at the Bursar's website for the most UP TO DATE tuition information. Here is the website
  • Tuition must be paid before you can register.


Step 7: Register for classes on your Final Priority Registration date and time

  • Log on your MySFSU account at
  • Click on to "Gator Reg" and enter the course schedule numbers (Step 5) and select "Process My Request".
  • Your priority time is for 24 hours (excluding midnight to 8am).  If you missed your registration date/time, log in during the Open Registration hours listed in Step 1.


Still have questions? Can I make an appointment with an advisor?

New students often want to know if they can setup an appointment with an advisor. Unfortunately, we cannot meet individually with each new student.  Orientation is the way that we meet with our 3,800+ new transfer students.
If you follow the steps listed above and you fill in the class planner you should be prepared to register. 
If you have an urgent advising concern that cannot wait until the semester starts, you can come to one of our Quick Question drop-in hours, but ONLY after preparing yourself by completing the steps outlined above and filling in the class planner.
Quick questions sessions are only 5 - 10 minutes long, depending on the number of students waiting. This is NOT a full appointment, so you will need to come prepared with specific questions to ask the advisor and bring your DARS report.

If you already attended an Orientation session, then you MUST bring all your academic documents that you received at Orientation (DARS, APR/major folder, and your unofficial transcripts).


Go to our Undergraduate Advising Center webpage for the most up-to-date Drop-In advising hours.


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