Orientation 2013 For Transfer Junior & Senior Students Admitted for Fall 2013

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All About New Student Orientation 2013

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If you will be in the United States (and near SF State) in June or July:

If you are an international student who will be in the U.S. during June and July, we urge you to attend a regular Summer 2013 Academic Advising Orientation on campus so that you can register for classes at your earliest opportunity. You may choose any of our dates listed for on-campus or our Southern California sessions.

You will still be required to attend the week-long week of International Student Orientation in August but you will be exempt from the academic advising workshop in August.

Sign up for any June or July date here:


If you will NOT be in the United States in June or July:

If you are an international student who is currently not in the U.S. and will be entering the U.S. just prior to the start of Fall 2013 semester, you will receive your academic advising orientation in August during the week-long International Student Orientation [dates to be announced]. You must sign up for the Academic Advising Orientation session held on ONE of the days during that week. (Click on the registration link in the yellow box to the left)
You are required to attend the full International Student Orientation that takes place from in August.

Sign up for the August Advising Session date here:


Continue to check your email for messages from the Office of International Programs.

For the full, week-long schedule of the International Student Orientation sessions, go here"


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