Orientation 2013 For First-Year Freshmen Students Admitted for Fall 2013

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All About New Student Orientation 2013

Placement Tests, Early Start and how they affect Orientation!


Take these steps BEFORE orientation:

  1. Accept Admissions Offer - See New Student Requirements Checklist on SF State Gateway
  2. Create an SF State email address - once your SF State e-mail account is created, please check it frequently for important information. Orientation communicates via websites and e-mails!
  3. If required, take your ELM and/or EPT exams by the May 4th deadline.
  4. Pay orientation fee immediately after signing up for orientation. You have two weeks from the day of registration to make the orientation payment.
  5. Pay for tuition at least one week prior to your orientation date. (However, if you have accepted a financial aid award, then you are exempt from paying tuition in advance.)
  6. Clear any holds you may have. Please go to your mySFSU, then go to "Registration Time".
  7. Participate in the Early Start Program, if this is a requirement for you.

Students and parents should review the Orientation Preview website to prepare for registration.


Mandatory Placement Tests: ELM and EPT   

image: Cliff Notes Prep Guide for ELM/EPT placement testsELM and/or EPT are required, and the deadline to test is May 4th, 2013. Your testing status is available on your SF Gateway, under New Student Requirements page.

Please be advised that if you test after the deadline, you will not be allowed to attend SF State for fall 2013.

Once you have tested, your scores will be available on your SF Gateway. Some scores will mean you have to participate in Early Start (see next section below.) Early Start students must participate in a summer course. Choose an orientation following your decision to Early Start using the Early Start Smart page on the New Student Requirements Checklist.

Students that score a 137 or lower on the EPT will be required to complete a Directed Self-Placement exercise at the end of their Early Start experience. Please review those details here. Students who score 146-138 on the EPT will not have to Early Start, but will have to complete Directed Self Placement. 


How does Early Start affect my orientation date?

Your ELM / EPT scores will indicate whether or not you are required to participate in the Early Start Program. (click here to download "What Do Your Scores Mean?" document)

If you need to Early Start in math, you must sign up and pay for an approved Early Start math course at SF State or at another institution. Be sure to bring proof of enrollment and payment to your orientation.

If you need to Early Start in English, then you must complete our English course and bring proof of completion to your orientation. Therefore, the orientation date that you choose should give you enough time to complete your Early Start English.

See Early Start website.



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