Post Orientation For Freshmen Students Admitted for Fall 2013

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What do I do if I missed orientation?

If you are a freshman and you missed orientation, you will first need to see if you are eligible to attend SF State in Fall 2013.  Follow the steps below to check on your eligibility.


Step 1: Check for Registration Holds

Log on your MySFSU account at

Select "Registration Time" and check for Administrative or Financial HOLDS. Holds will be indicated under the corresponding "holds" box.


Above is an example of how it looks on your MySFSU Registration Time page


These are holds that CANNOT be cleared:

Early Start Not Signed Up

Entry Level Mathematics Test Hold

English Placement Test Hold

No ELM/EPT or Exemptions

If you have any of these holds shown above you cannot attend SF State in Fall 2013!

Email to find out what your options may be.


Step 2:  Clear Your Hold(s) If Possible.

Holds that CAN Be Cleared

If your registration holds page notes any of the following, follow the directions in order to clear the hold.

If you have one of these holds you may be able to get it cleared see contacts/info. above.


Step 3:  Once all holds have been cleared... 

Please note it may take several days to get your hold(s) cleared.  Once you see that your hold(s) have been cleared, click here for next steps.


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