DSP 2014 Directed Self-Placement for First-Year English

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All About English Directed Self-Placement 2014

Directed Self Placement (DSP) Requirement

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Who is affected?

All students that have taken the English Placement Test (EPT) and were not exempt from it must complete the Directed-Self Placement (DSP) exercise before you attend your orientation date.

For EPT scores 146 and below, DSP is the final portion of the summer Early Start English (ESE 99) course.


What is DSP?

DSP is an exercies that helps students to learn about our college-level composition course options and to select an English course(s) appropriate to their skill level and background in English.


How is it administered?

DSP is an online application. All students log in, and at the conclusion of DSP, select the English course they will take for Fall 2014.


How long does it take to complete DSP?

DSP can be done in one sitting, or over the course of several days. Plan for 3-4 hours minimum to complete.


What is the cost of DSP?

DSP is free of charge. (However, the ESE 99 course for the Early Start program does have a cost!)


Can I take the DSP at SFSU?

Yes. The English Tutoring Center has a lab and will be open during some weekdays. At the lab, students can complete the requirement, and staff will be there to assist students.


How are Orientation and DSP related?

Students must complete DSP no later than the day before their registered orientation date. In order for students to choose the right English course at orientation, they must complete DSP first.

Therefore, students may come to the English Tutoring Center the day before orientation, finish DSP, then attend orientation the next day.

Students who have not completed DSP will not be allowed to add any classes at orientation.


Test Early!
If you take the EPT on May 3rd, you may not be able to sign up for an early orientation!
Test early, and then you will know if you need to DSP, and give yourself time to do so.


For additional questions refer to the English Tutoring Center webpage:

Further details on DSP:

Orientation questions can be addressed to orient@sfsu.edu

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