Orientation 2014 For Transfer Junior & Senior Students Admitted for Fall 2014

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All About New Student Orientation 2014

New Student Orientation Summer 2014 - Transfer Students


Reasons for attending a Transfer Orientation

SF State New Student Transfer Orientation is a must for your academic success.
Transfers receive early advising and class registration at Transfer Orientation.
We strongly urge you to make every effort to attend this important event at San Francisco State.
Transfer students who participate in our Orientation Program are better prepared for the semester, encounter fewer academic problems with and will have a positive experience at San Francisco State.
So join us!


Advising happens at Transfer Orientation!

You will receive advising and assistance in preparing your first semester schedule.

Orientation includes an in-depth workshop on graduation requirements, also professional counselors and peer advisors are available to assist you with major course selection. Bring your personal copies of transcripts in order to get help with choosing classes for fall.


Registering for classes at Orientation

In order to attend orientation and register for classes, you MUST do the following:

  1. Accept Offer of Admissions by the deadline.
  2. Register and be confirmed online for an orientation, and pay orientation fees in advance.
  3. Submit proof of immunizations to SF State, if required. Check your Student Center online to see if you have immunization holds.
  4. Bring personal, unofficial copies of your college transcripts. If you attended a California Community college(s), bring a copy of your GE Breadth Requirements lists with you.

Transfer students who complete the orientation process can register for up to 12 units at the end of the orientation session!


Orientation Fee, University Tuition and Financial Aid

The on-campus orientation costs $35 per student and $25 per guest. The fees include your Orientation, advising materials and a meal.

The Southern California orientation costs $75 per person.

University tuition (i.e., the cost to enroll in classes) is paid after students register at orientation. Financial aid recipients who have accepted their award online on SF Gateway do not have to pay tuition, but must still pay orientation fees.

See more information regarding Orientation fee and University Tuition.


NOTE: Orientation fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a different orientation date. An $8 rescheduling charge will be applied if you do not cancel or reschedule your orientation at least 4 days in advance. If you do not attend the orientation you had signed up for, then your fees cannot be transferred to another date. You will to re-register and pay for the orientation fee again.

Information for F-1 International Students

If you are an International student with an F-1 visa, there are a few things that are different for you:

  • You do NOT need to take our placement tests by May 4th. You can test in August, if tests are needed.
  • You have an additional week-long orientation that is separate from our orientation session (the Advising Workshop) in August.

Click HERE for more details for F-1 International Students

Register for Orientation

Step 1: You must  accept your Offer of Admission before you can sign up for Orientation. Starting April 1st, you may accept admissions offer on the SF Gateway link for admissions status.
Step 2: After accepting, you will not have to pay an enrollment deposit.
Step 3: An SF State email will be assigned to you, make sure to begin to check it frequently, as SF State will no longer send emails to other accounts.
Step 4: There will be a slight delay between accepting your offer of admissions and signing up for orientation. You may register for an orientation when the link to do so appears in your Student Center page.
Step 5: Confirm and pay orientation fees as soon as possible to secure your space. This date becomes your class registration date.
Step 6: Be sure to attend your orientation on time!



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