Orientation 2014 For First-Year Freshmen Students Admitted for Fall 2014

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All About New Student Orientation 2014

NaviGator - On-Campus Overnight Orientation Program (1 1/2 Day)


1) Friday & Saturday June 20- June 21 — Overnight

2) Wednesday & Thursday June 25-26 — Overnight


What are the benefits of attending a NaviGator program?

The NaviGator Program is a day and a half overnight orientation program.  It includes:

  • A chance to experience campus housing and dining (family members are housed separately from students)
  • Exposure to student-life and ways to be an active and involved student
  • Information on your academic requirements and what it takes to graduate
  • Advising and class registration
  • Team-building and social activities that offer a chance to connect with other incoming students
  • Parent specific programming and activities

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How do I register for the full NaviGator Program?

The very first step, is to go to:  tinyurl.com/sfsunavigator
Once you have filled in the registration form completely, you will receive a confirmation and instructions on how to pay. 

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What is the deadline to register for the NaviGator full program?

You must go online (listed above) and register for the full program no later than 3 days prior to your intended NaviGator date—for example, for the June 20th/21st NaviGator program, the deadliner to register is Tuesday, June 17th

If you show up the day of and you have not registered for the full program, you will not be able to attend.

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How much does it cost?

The programming for this special over-night program is shared between New Student Programs office and our Campus Residential Services—therefore the total cost per person is payed seperately to each entity.

  • Orientation is $35 per student and $25 per guest (paid to New Student Programs office)


  • NaviGator is $100 per student and $110 per guest (paid to Campus Residential Services)

The total cost for the whole program is $135 per person (both students and parents.)

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How to Pay for the NaviGator Program Beforehand

Once you have registered for the NaviGator program, you will receive instructions on how to pay for the program and how much you need to pay (see costs above).


1) Payments to New Student Programs

After choosing and registering for your NaviGator program (either June 20th & 21st or 24th & 25th) from this site, the Orientation confirmation will list instructions on how to pay the orientation portion of the NaviGator program.

(see "Fees" page for more details)

2) Payments to Housing & Residential Services

Go to the following webpage and fill out the NaviGator accommodations form:


Once you have registered for the over-night NaviGator program you will then be directed on how to pay for the accommodations.

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Can I pay the day of?

You can pay in advance, or you can pay the day of.  Orientation fees ($35 per student and $25 per guest) can be paid in the form on cash or check the day of. 

NaviGator fees ($100 per students and $110 per guest) can be paid the day of in the form of checks or credit cards.  If you register and do not show up, you will owe the fee for the NaviGator Program.

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What if my parent or guest doesn’t want to attend?

Parents are not required to attend NaviGator.  As a student you can attend without your parents.  Parents who want to attend also must pay for the full NaviGator fee and must register at:


This fee includes social programs, breakfast, dinner, overnight accommodations, and supplies.

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Can parents/guests pay for only part of the program but not spend the night?

Parents who do not want to stay on campus or who have already made other arrangements for accommodations can pay for the orientation program ($25) but they will not have access to all of the NaviGator programming.  It is possible the day of to purchase an All Access Pass ($20) so that you may take part in all of the activities except the overnight accommodations.

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Can a student just do the orientation part but not stay overnight?

No.  All students are required to participate in the full program and to register and pay for the orientation and the full NaviGator program.

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What if I no longer want to attend a NaviGator date?

You can change your date from this website.  There is still space in other dates, but you need to change your date no later than 3 days prior to your registered NaviGator date.  If you have additional questions, you can call New Student Programs at (415) 338-3060.

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Where do I go for NaviGator and what time do I arrive?

Check in for NaviGator begins at 8:15am for the first day of the program.  The program ends at 12noon on the following day.  Check in takes place on campus outside of the Towers Conference Center.

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What number can I call if I am having trouble registering or paying for the full program and overnight?

You can call Conference Services at 415-405-2296 or email meetings@sfsu.edu


What number can I call if I have questions about the orientation portion of the program? 

You can call New Student Programs at 415-338-3060 or email orient@sfsu.edu




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