Orientation 2014 For First-Year Freshmen Students Admitted for Fall 2014

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All About New Student Orientation 2014

New Student Orientation Summer 2014 - Freshmen


Orientation registration is LIVE - Register for a date now!

There are several options for Orientation—some on-campus and some off-campus—see below for more details.



Review information regarding the ELM/EPT placement tests and the Early Start Program before signing up for an Orientation date!


What Is Freshmen Orientation?

SFSU New Student Orientation is the only way new students receive early advising, registration and orientation to the campus.

What happens at Freshman Orientation?

At Summer 2014 orientation, first-time students will:

  • Learn about graduation requirements and how to plan for 1st-year classes
  • Hear about college success from successful students and from faculty and staff
  • Learn the ways freshmen can get involved and connected to our campus
  • Learn how to create a class schedule with help from trained peer advisors and counselors
  • Register for all Fall 2014 classes, based upon major goals and placement test results
  • Take a full campus tour given by student peer advisors
  • Obtain a SF State ID card (during on-campus Orientation dates only)


Summer Orientation Dates for Fall 2014 Admitted Freshmen

The Summer 2014 Orientations for Freshmen will occur mostly in June. There are 2 late dates in July. Most Orientations will be held on our main campus in San Francisco. There are 3 Orientation dates off-campus in Southern California.
Of the on-campus dates, there are two special 1 1/2 day programs, called NaviGator Orientations, which are overnight programs.


Which orientation is right for you?

On-Campus, Single Day

On-Campus, 1 1/2 Day

Off-Campus, Southern California


Summer 2014 Freshmen Dates:

  • Monday June 2 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Thursday June 5 - Southern California session!—FULL!
  • Friday June 6 - Southern California session!—FULL!
  • Saturday June 7 - Southern California session!—FULL!
  • Tuesday June 10 - Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Wednesday June 11 - Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Friday June 13 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Saturday June 14 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Monday, June 16 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Tuesday, June 17 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Thursday, June 19 - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Friday June 20- June 21 -Orientation: Navigator!
  • Tuesday, June 24th - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Wednesday, June 25-26 - Orientation Navigator!
  • Friday, June 27 - - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL!
  • Saturday June 28 - - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL! (call us)
  • Thursday July 3 - - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL! (call us)
    • Wednesday July 23 - - at SF State, Check-in at 8:15 am—FULL! (call us)


Plan to check in ON TIME at 8:15am!

Reminder! All Orientation Registrations are a first-come, first-served basis, and dates will fill quickly. In addition, students must meet any required testing by the deadlines in order to attend. Students must also show proof of enrollment in an Early Start course at orientation, if required.
There is a charge for each event. See the links for details. Orientation fees must be pre-paid to secure the event. Orientation fees are non-refundable and are not covered by Financial Aid.

We hope to see you soon at orientation!


What should you make sure to do BEFORE attending Orientation

Freshmen planning to attend any of these dates should make SURE to take care of the following items:

  1. You have been officially admitted for Fall 2014 and accepted your Admissions Offer.
  2. If required, you have taken any placement tests on or before May 3rd, 2014.
  3. If required, you must have enrolled in an Early Start Math class prior to orientation.
  4. If required, you must have completed an Early Start English course prior to orientation.


Registering for classes at Orientation

Freshmen register for classes on their Orientation date. We will show you how. 
Remember, in order to register for classes, you MUST have taken your ELM and/or EPT scores or exemptions on file by the May 3rd deadline, if the tests are required.
Do you need to test? Your testing status is on your Notice of Admission. Failure to take required tests by the May 5th deadline means you will no longer be allowed to attend SF State. Such a tragedy can be averted by signing up and taking a March test or April, if offered. Do NOT wait until the last test date to finally test, because if you are unable to do so, you will not be attending our university.


Mandatory Placement Tests: ELM and EPT   

Placement tests or exemptions (high enough scores on SAT, ACT, AP - junior year) are mandatory to attend Orientation and/or registering for classes. They may only be taken at SF State or any California State University.

Failure to test on or before May 3rd means you will not be attending SF State in Fall 2014!

Orientation Fee, University Tuition and Financial Aid

Orientation fees will be $35 per student and $25 per guest for the 1 day on campus programs. Off Campus dates and the NaviGator 1 1/2 day program fees are higher.

See more information regarding Orientation fees and University Tuition.

International Student Orientation Entering for Fall 2014

If you are an international student we encourage you to attend an on campus date for Orientation. You may either come to one of June or July our dates or attend the program for International Students in August. Watch your email for messages from Office of International Programs. If you are in California during summer orientation for freshmen, make every effort to attend! Students will register for classes earlier than those who do not, and thus have the benefit of early advising and class registration!


How to Register for Orientation

Note: You must Accept your Offer of Admission before you can sign up for Orientation. Starting April 1st, you may accept your admissions offer for Fall and begin to sign up for your orientation.



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