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Instructions for Orientation Preview

Orientation Preview website is designed to make all the information presented at orientation less overwhelming. You will be prepared for orientation if you:

  1. Read every page
  2. Begin to think about your choices and have ideas of what classes you wish to enroll in.


Plan for an entire day!

We will be very busy on your freshman orientation day. In a mere eight hours, you will be learning about your Placement test scores, General Education, graduation requirements and how to plan a schedule. You will also be taking your photo ID and be taken on a very detailed campus tour. But more importantly, you will register for your first semester classes.


Discuss with parents/family members

I want you to discuss your plans and options with your family members before you attend orientation. Please read this together! But family members will not (and should not) plan your classes for you. We treat you as an adult and one of your first responsibilities is to register for classes (with our help, of course)!


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