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College and Graduation Tips

Your first workshop of the day is the graduation requirements.


Tips on college classes:

  1. The duration of each semester is 15 weeks and one week of final exams.
  2. In order to complete a course, you must enroll in the course for a semester and receive a passing grade.
  3. Each semester is a new set of courses; whereas in high school, you could be studying a subject for a whole school year.
  4. College work go at a faster pace.  The materials taught within one semester is comparable to an entire year in high school.
  5. A “D-“ is considered a passing grade for most classes, although it is not the best grade to earn.  If you wish to repeat any courses for a better grade, please consult with an advisor first before registration.


A couple of tips about college professors:

  1. They expect you to come to class prepared, having completed the prior day's assignments, readings, etc.
  2. They expect you to come to class on time, and ready to begin the moment the class starts.
  3. They consider you as an adult.
  4. They may not take roll, except at the beginning of the semester.
  5. In high demand courses, they will drop you from the class on the first day for non-attendance.


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Next we will discuss placement test exemptions.

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