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Items Checklist for Orientation Preview for Fall 2013

Please take the time now to acquire the following documents and/or complete the following tasks.


Important items needed for this workshop:

Have the items below available to use during Orientation Preview. Each section will have a link to where the appropriate item can be acquired if you do not have it already.

Note: some resources may not be readily available immediately, so request those items as soon as possible!


Your SAT or ACT Test transcripts & scores

The SAT or ACT results are used to determine If you are exempt from one or both of our placements exams (the ELM and/or EPT). To get your scores, you must request them from College Board at www.collegeboard.com


Your ELM or EPT Test transcripts & scores

If you took either the ELM or EPT tests, you can check online to see if SF State already has your scores on file. Log in to MySFSU, go to "Test Score Report", print your scores and bring them with you.

If your test scores aren't shown, contact our Testing Center to get your scores or exemptions loaded into the system.

BEWARE! If you failed to take the May 4th (or earlier) ELM/EPT you will not be allowed to register for Fall 2013 classes nor attend orientation!


Your Advanced Placement (AP) transcripts/scores

Note that AP exams taken during your senior year in high school may not be available by your Orientation session.

To get your scores, you must request them from College Board at www.collegeboard.com


Blank paper or a Fall 2013 Class Planner

Throughout this workshop, we will be providing you with a lot of information about mandatory requirements, recommended courses and various tips for success. In the process, you will be building a tentative class schedule for Fall 2013. Doing this before your Orientation session will make things go smoother!

Download our pre-made Class Planner for Fall 2013 here

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Other important items to bring with you to Orientation:

The following items/tasks should be completed before your Orientation session. Any of the following MAY block you from completing your Orientation if not taken care of early!


Early Assessment Program (EAP) Results

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) lets you know if you are ready for college-level work in English and mathematics at the end of your junior year of high school (an option on the STAR test). If you have your EAP results, bring them with you to your orientation session.

Check your EAP results online


Proof of immunizations

High school graduates from California Public schools do NOT need this (it should be on the high school transcripts). But if you graduated from a NON-public high school (or from out of the state of California), bring your latest immunization records to Orientation.

Information regarding immunization holds.


Proof of Financial Aid deferment

A financial deferment for university tuition must be received and accepted before you may register for classes at Orientation. Double check to make sure your financial aid deferrment is on file long before coming to orientation if you filed for FAFSA and are eligible for aid.

Later in Orientation Preview, we will go over this part.

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We will provide you with more planning tools at Orientation!

Once you check in - starting at 8:15am - we will give you the following items:

  • the current Class Schedule for next semester;
  • a blank class planning sheet (in case you forgot yours!);
  • a writing implement and highlighter;
  • a New Student Handbook;
  • a folder to keep all your records organized and handy;
  • and PLENTY of advice about what is "safe and sane" to take your first semester!

Although we do NOT provide a printed copy, you may look at the most current University Bulletin (our catalog) online before you come to orientation. It is helpful especially if you have selected a major.

Please note: you will be beginning your studies under the 2013 - 2014 Bulletin.


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