Early Start Program (ESP) Preparation for College-level Math and English

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Get an Early Start for Fall 2014!

Early Start Program (ESP) for Counselors


This page is intended to inform all high school and college counselors on how best to prepare students who may participate in the Early Start Program. Please review this information with your high school juniors and seniors interested attending SF State!


What can Counselors do to help students prepare for Early Start?

  • Specific College Prep Courses (i.e. EAP)
  • SAT Scores
    (English total score must be 500 or higher. Math total score must be 550 or higher)
  • ACT Scores
    (English total score must be a 22 or higher. Math total score must be a 23 or higher)
  • AP Courses: Scoring 3 or above on the Advance Placement (AP) Language and Composition examination OR Literature and Composition examination for English AND (AP) AB or BC Calculus or Statistics for Math
  • Community College Courses: Completion of ENGL1A (or course equivalent) with a “C” or higher before summer sessions of Early Start courses

Other special groups that are exempt:

  • International students
  • Out of State students

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How can SF State students satisfy the Early Start requirement?

Early Start at SF State: online course(s) recommended!

Early Start Track

How to Satisfy


(based on EPT score)

ESE 99 (1 unit)

*The Directed Self Placement (DSP)will be integrated into all ESE99 courses


(based on ELM score)

  • ESM 40 (1 unit) + *ELM (optional)
  • ESM 60 (3 units, below 41 ELM score)
  • ESM 70 (3 units, 42-48 ELM score)


How to satisfy ENGLISH:

  1. Register for and complete our ESE 99 (1 unit) course. ESE 99 has both an online and in-person option.


How to satisfy MATH:

  1. Register for either ESM 40, ESM 60, OR ESM 70 and successfully complete before Fall 2014 semester.
  2. (OPTIONAL!) Retaking the Entry Level Math (ELM) Test.

*NOTE: If student cannot enroll into Early Start due to hardships or location, please call the Early Start Office at (415) 405-0436 to discuss alternative options.

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Are students allowed to complete Early Start at another campus?

English – No. Students must enroll in an ESE 99 course through SF State. ESE 99 has both an online and on-campus, in-person option.


Math – Conditional. ESM 40/60/70 through SF State will be required of all qualified first time freshman unless substantial documentation and reasoning of personal and financial challenges can be provided. The Early Start Coordinator will assess the request to enroll at another institution and notify the student of approval or denial.


E-mail the Early Start Office for more details at early@sfsu.edu.

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How much will Early Start courses cost?

Early Start courses are offered through SF State’s College of Extended Learning. For more information on what that means you can go to the CEL website at: http://www.cel.sfsu.edu/


Early Start courses offered at any of the CSU campuses will consist of the same fee rate and may be subject to change based on approved CSU campus increases. Campus parking/commuting and course books may also be additional costs to consider.

The current fee rate is $184 per unit.


Fee waivers are available for those demonstrating need for financial assistance. California residents and Ab540 students who apply for financial aid with an Estimated Family Contribution of $5,000 or less are eligible for a fee waiver towards any courses needed to complete the Early Start Program.


Early Start Payment Policies

Class Registration and Drops
Registration for classes and dropping from classes will stop at 12:00 noon one business day prior to the first day of class.

Payment Due Date
Students must pay within five calendar days and no later than one calendar day before the first day of class to avoid being dropped from the class for non-payment.

Course must be dropped before 12:00 noon on the business day before the first day of class for a full refund minus $20 processing fee. The $2 additional local fee in nonrefundable.

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FYI's and Tips

Take the ELM/EPT early!!!!

Students who have EAP results that indicate they are conditionally ready in math but did not register for a 12th grade math course should enroll in and pass the e-learning course during spring or take the ELM test before the May deadline.

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