Early Start Program (ESP) Preparation for College-level Math and English

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Get an Early Start for Fall 2014!

SF State and the Early Start Program (ESP)

Mandatory Enrollment Requirement for Fall 2014 First-Time Freshmen


1. Trigger your Early Start Smart Page
*Must be done 24 hours before the "Enroll in Early Start" link will show
*Deadline to activate is July 10, 2014
2. Determine what classes you plan to complete for Early Start

3. Register and enroll in Early Start courses

4. Pay for Early Start courses
*If you have a fee waiver, you still need to pay $2 campus process fee


Most Helpful Tutorial: "How to Register and Pay" for Early Start courses


Early Start Updates

Early Start Math

All San Francisco State University Early Start Math courses are now full. Students planning to attend SF State in the Fall and need to complete ESM are now advised to look at other CSU campus online courses. SF State Early Start staff recommend students to enroll in CSU Fullerton's ESM20 (1 unit, online course).

Enrollment Process:
1. Student needs to select CSU Fullerton on their Smart page instead of SFSU.

2. Student will get an email from CSU Fullerton a couple days after switching Smart page.

3. Next students will receive registration authorization to sign into CSUF Student Center, from there you will enroll in your Early Start Math course.

When Registering:

1. On your Smart Page click Enroll in Early Start ( If that is not present click search for class).

2. Insert the Core Subject, which will be Early Start Math, and the course number. At CSUF the course is ESM20. Two dates are offered: 1) July 21st to July 25st 2) August 4th to August 8th. Search for the course and follow the steps to register.

3. To complete the process, select finish enrolling until your classes appear in your class schedule for the summer.

4. If you are eligible for a Fee waiver, it will still cover the class.


Early Start English

Student’s will no longer be required to complete ESE99 or Early Start Math before attending orientation. For Early Start English, the last available course offered is July 14th to July 17th. The deadline to add this course is Friday, July 11th at 12pm.


What is the Early Start Program?

The goal of our SF State Early Start program is to help students get a quality head start advantage on their English and math college requirements before their first semester begins. We believe that through Early Start first-time students will have a better chance at completing their college degree in a successful timely manner!


Early Start is required for all students whose placement tests indicate they need remedial Math and/or English composition.


SF State students who are required to do Early Start classes and fail to enroll will not be allowed to attend SF State in Fall 2014. Students enrolled in Early Start courses who do not attend or complete their required class(es) will not be allowed to attend SF State in Fall 2014


Benefits of Early Start

  • Early exposure to campus resources and SF State community!
  • Utilize and access tutoring support services on SF State’s campus


STEP 1: Trigger your Early Start Smart Page

You MUST trigger your Early Start Smart Page 24 hours before you are able to view or access the "Enroll in Early Start" link.


Click HERE for a tutorial on using the Smart Page to begin Early Start registration


STEP 2: Decide which Early Start Course(s) to Take

For Early Start English

All ESE99 courses still available are now online only.


For Early Start Math
All ESM sections are now full. Please refer back to the top of the page under "Early Start Updates" on how to enroll at other CSUs. SF State recommends CSU Fullerton or CSU Humboldt.

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STEP 3: Register and Enroll in your Early Start Courses


Click HERE for a tutorial on "How to Register and Pay" for Early Start courses


STEP 4: Pay for your Early Start Courses

Fees depend upon which course students add this summer and the total of units they will be taking. Some courses are 1 unit and others are 3 units.


The current fee rate is $182 per unit. There will be an additional $2 local fee.

Fee waivers are available for California residents and AB540 students who apply for financial aid with an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $5,000 or less. Please visit our FAQs section (coming soon) for more information or contact Financial Aid at (415) 338-7000.

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Early Start Payment Policies

Class Registration and Drops

Registration for classes and dropping from classes will stop at 12:00 noon one business day prior to the first day of class.

Payment Due Date

Students must pay within five calendar days and no later than one calendar day before the first day of class to avoid being dropped from the class for non-payment.


Course must be dropped before 12:00 noon on the business day before the first day of class for a full refund minus $20 processing fee. The $2 additional local fee in nonrefundable.

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ELM & EPT Prep Websites






Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP)

"The Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP) provides critical academic support services and evening tutorial opportunities for all undergraduate students at San Francisco State  (SF State), placing special emphasis on first generation and underrepresented student success. " - Except from CARP Mission Statement

For more information go to the DPRC website HERE (LINK: http://www.sfsu.edu/~carp1/) or contact the DPRC at carp1@sfsu.edu.


Disability Programs and Resource Center
Students with disabilities needing support services or reasonable accommodations for Early Start Program courses should register with the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) at SF State.
For more information go to the DPRC website HERE (LINK: http://www.sfsu.edu/~dprc/) or contact the DPRC at dprc@sfsu.edu.

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