Summer Session at SF State

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Summer Session 2017 at SF State

SF State Students

Enroll in Summer 2017 and...

  • Make Progress towards your degree
  • Graduate Faster
  • Save on Tuition
  • Access Financial Aid
  • Enroll in Online Courses
  • Spend Summer in the City

Non-SF State Students

Enrollment in Summer Session at SF State is also available to non-matriculated SF State students through Open University offered by the College of Extended Learning (CEL). For more information on enrolling in Summer 2017 through Open University, please visit CEL's website.

Summer Session 2017 Dates

R1: June 5 - July 7 (5 weeks)
R2: June 19 - August 11 (8 weeks)
R3: July 10 - August 11 (5 weeks)
R4: June 5 - August 11 (10 weeks)

*Campus will be closed Monday, July 4, 2017 in observance of the Independence Day holiday

Summer Session Registration

Reference Guide

  • Step 1
    Access the Class Schedule through your Student Center on the SF State Gateway beginning March 13. Be sure to use the Gator Scheduler feature to plan your summer schedule if you are taking more than one course!
  • Step 2
    Find out what your Priority Registration Time will be
    View your registration time your Student Center on the SF State Gateway
    Priority registration for admitted SF State students is April 3 - 7. Open registration for all students is April 17 - May 28. For more information on summer dates and deadlines, please visit the Registrar's website.
  • Step 3
    Register before paying fees
    You can add and drop classes through your Student Center on the SF State Gateway. Payment for classes added during Priority Registration will be April 11 @ 4pm. If you add courses on/before April 7 they will be retained if fees are paid by April 11. Anyone with a Financial Aid fee deferment will not be dropped from courses added during priority registration.
  • Step 4
    Pay tuition fees

    Fees for Summer 2017 for undergraduates will be $1,776 for part-time (up to 6 units); $2,925 for full-time (6.1 units or more). Graduate student fees will be $2,142 part-time; $3,558 full-time. Non-resident fees will be an additional $372 per unit. Professional Program fees for MBA, MSA and MPA students will apply. For complete information on Summer 2017 tuition fees, please visit the Bursar's website.
  • Step 5
    Financial Aid

    Opportunities for financial aid will be available for many students in Summer 2017. Students who are eligible for State University Grants (SUG) will be eligible to have tuition paid for half-time enrollment in Summer 2017 classes. Undergraduates must enroll in 6 units to receive the SUG to cover tuition for part-time status. Master’s students must enroll in at least 4 graduate units to receive a SUG.

    Pell Grants and federal student loans may also be available for students with remaining eligibility.

    If you are financial aid eligible for Summer 2017, you will receive an email from the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding your award after adding courses. For more detailed information regarding Financial Aid for Summer 2017, please visit the Financial Aid website.
  • Step 6
    On-campus Housing

    On campus housing is available during Summer 2017. Contact University Housing at or 415-338-1067 for more information.

How to Register

SF State students should register online through their Student Center.

Priority Registration - April 3 - 7

Registration allowed only for admitted SF State students with a priority registration date within this period.

Registration Not Available - April 8 - 16; May 29-June 4; June 17-18; July 8-9

Summer 2017 registration is not available during this time.

Open Registration - April 17 - May 28 for all sessions; June 4 - 16 for R2; June 5 - July 7 for R3.

Open registration is available for students to add additional courses. Undergraduate students may register for 14 units total plus 5 units waitlisted.


SF State Students

For detailed information on Summer 2017 Tuition Fees, please visit the Bursar's website.

Non SF State Students

Tuition fees are charged for SF State matriculated students. To view fee information for non-matriculated SF State students, please visit CELIA's website.

Payment Due Dates:

All courses added on/before April 7 = April 11 @ 4pm
All courses added on/before May 28 = May 30 @ 4pm


Payment for tuition fees must be submitted by the published fee payment deadlines. For complete information on tution fees, payment deadlines, and accepted payment methods, please visit the Bursar's website.

Failure to pay course fees by the payment due date will result in students being dropped from classes for non-payment. If you have a Financial Aid Fee deferment in your record, you will not be dropped for non-payment.

Financial Aid

Am I Eligible?

For the Summer 2017 term, there will not be a separate application required for summer. If we have your 2016-2017 FAFSA or CA Dream Application, AND you are eligible to receive Financial Aid, you will automatically be considered for summer financial aid.
Summer awards are dependent upon your summer enrollment and your remaining annual limit eligibility. Summer awards are made AFTER you register for Summer classes. For complete information on Summer 2017 financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website.

Wait Lists/Full Classes

Wait list for Summer 2017 will work the same as the fall and spring semester. If a class becomes full, you will be allowed to add yourself to the waitlist. Do this through your Student Center on the SF State Gateway. If you are enrolled for a course in which you were on the waitlist, you will receive an email communication from the Registrar's Office.


Read the course description and footnotes in the class schedule. If you have not met the prerequisites and later must drop or withdraw from a course, you will be subject to standard refund deadlines and policies. Read the course descriptions to be sure you fulfilled any prerequisites and are eligible to enroll in each course. Complete course descriptions are listed in the SF State Bulletin and are available online, in the library, and in the SF State Bookstore.


See the Registrar's website for dates and deadlines. Students may withdraw from courses after the Drop Deadline and receive a grade of "W" by securing the approval signature of the instructor and the department chair and/or college dean on a withdrawal petition. (Note: failure to attend does not cause students to be dropped from a course.) No refund is given.

Do not put a stop payment on a check to drop or withdraw from a course. This results in a financial obligation to SF State for the course fee, plus an additional $20 charge. Failure to withdraw officially from a course generates a failing grade of "F" or "WU".

Course Numbering System

000-099 Remedial (units do not count toward graduation)
100-299 Lower Division
300-699 Upper Division
700-899 Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate
900-999 Joint Doctoral Courses

Maximum Units for Summer Session

Students may enroll in a maximum of 14 units of undergraduate coursework or 11 units of graduate coursework.

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