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Registration / Holds

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For registration instructions please visit:

Registration Holds:

If you have a registration hold, you must clear them before you can register. Read the instructions below that pertain to your particular hold and contact the appropriate department if you have any questions:

  1. Academic Hold
  2. Administrative Academic Probation
  3. Dean Of Students Hold
  4. Directed Self Placement Hold
  5. Early Start - Not Signed Up Hold
  6. ELM and EPT
  7. EOP Hold
  8. Excessive Invalid Permit Add Attempts Hold
  9. Extended Learning Hold
  10. FTF Need Advising
  11. Graduation Hold
  12. Immunization Hold
  13. International Student Health Insurance Hold
  14. Mandatory Advising Hold
  15. No ELM/EPT
  16. Need Transcript Hold
  17. New Admit International Hold
  18. Proof Of Degree Needed
  19. Registrar Hold
  20. Remediation Hold
  21. Super Senior Undergrad Hold
  22. Suspended Or Expelled
  23. University Financial Obligation

Academic Hold:

You were academically disqualified based on your cumulative performance through last semester. After an absence of at least one year, you may be considered for re-admission if you can demonstrate satisfactory improvement in your grade point average by enrolling through SFSU Extended Education.

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Administrative Academic Probation:

Due to unsatisfactory progress towards your degree objective you have been placed on administrative academic probation. If you have not already been disqualified, you may be able to remove this probationary status.

You must seek advising and fill-out an Academic Standing Petition. You should contact the major department or college dean's office that recommended probation to find out whether your hold can be cleared. Undeclared majors should contact the Advising Center at (415) 338-2101. EOP students who are undeclared majors should contact their EOP advisor at (415) 338-1646. For general information call (415) 338-2350.

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Dean of Students Hold:

The Dean of Students Office has placed a hold on your records. For information, call (415) 338-2032.

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Directed Self Placement Hold:

All First-time freshmen with certain EPT (English Placement Test) scores must complete Directed Self Placement (DSP). Complete this online experience before your class registration at orientation. Questions: or call (415) 338-1821.

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Early Start - Not Signed Up Hold:

Your registration is locked because you are required to sign up for Early Start. Please go to the SF State Gateway New Student Requirements and select Register for the Early Start Program.

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ELM and EPT - New Student Testing Hold:

You must complete your ELM/EPT requirements before you will be allowed to register. Please visit the CSU EPT/ELM System to register for the ELM/EPT test online or visit the Testing Center web site.

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EOP Hold:

The Educational Opportunity Program Office has placed a hold on your records. For information, call (415) 338-1646.

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Excessive Invalid Permit Add Attempts Hold:

Your registration has been locked because of excessive attempts to add a class using invalid permit numbers. An administrative hold has been placed on your record.

You must contact the Registrar's Office to have this hold cleared. Call the Registrar's Office at (415) 338-2350, Monday - Friday, 9-Noon and 1-4 p.m.

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Extended Learning Hold:

You must contact the College of Extended Learning for more information.

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FTF Need Advising:

According to our records, you did not attend First-Time Freshmen (FTF) Orientation to receive mandatory advising and register for classes. All first-time freshmen must receive advising before they can enroll in classes. You were notified by email about options which include applying to SF State for a future semester at CSU Mentor or requesting an appeal by sending an email to

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Graduation Hold:

You have submitted an application for graduation and will not receive registration materials for the next semester. Contact the Registrar's Office (415) 338-2350, if you will need to register for classes in the following semester in order to complete your degree.

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Immunization Hold:

Hepatitis B

Students 18 or younger at the beginning of their first must show proof of Hepatitis B immunization before being allowed to register. Bring proof to the One Stop Student Services Center (SSB 101) or mail documents to the Registrar's Office.


You must show proof of your Measles/Mumps/Rubella immunization before you will be allowed to register. Bring proof to the One Stop Student Services Center (SSB 101) or mail documents to the Registrar's Office. Immunizations and blood tests are also given at Student Health Services on a limited basis.

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International Student Health Insurance Hold:

To clear this hold, F-1 International students must purchase the SF State-sponsored health insurance.  See information at

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Mandatory Advising Hold:

Department Advising

You must get advising with your major department before you will be allowed to register. Contact your major department for advising and clearance of your registration hold. An email notice was sent to you regarding this hold.

First-Time Freshman – Students Admitted Fall 2009

All students admitted as first-time freshman during the fall 2009 semester are required to receive mandatory advising every semester before being allowed to register. Please contact your major department for advising and clearance of your registration hold. An email notice was sent to you regarding this hold.

Students majoring in Chemistry/ Biochemistry, Economics, Engineering, Journalism or Meteorology/Oceanography, must complete mandatory advising in order to enroll in Spring 2013 classes. Please go to your major department for advising.


All new students must take their English (EPT) and/or Mathematics (ELM) Placement Tests unless exempted. Students who do not test on or before the final test date in May, will not be able to attend SF State. The registration deadline for this test is in April. If you have not taken the ELM and/or EPT test(s) by the deadline, you are not eligible to enroll in classes. You may re-apply for admission for a future semester. If you have questions, please call (415) 338-2350.

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Need Transcript Hold:

One or more official transcripts have not been received for your SFSU records. If you have official transcripts to submit, you may bring them to the Undergraduate Admissions Counter at the One Stop Student Services Center (SSB 101) to clear your hold and/or call (415) 338-6486 for more information. If you are a Graduate student, bring your transcript to Grad Stop (ADM 250) located on the second floor of the Administration Building to clear the hold and/or call (415) 338-2234 if you have questions.

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New Admit International Hold:

The Undergraduate Admissions Office has not received the documents they requested from you. To clear this hold, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at (415) 338-2382 or visit them at the One Stop Student Services Center.

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Proof of Degree Needed:

We have not received an official transcript showing award of your degree. Please have an official transcript sent to the Graduate Division. You may also bring a sealed official copy of your transcripts to Grad Stop (ADM 250) located on the second floor of the Administration Building. For more information, call (415) 338-2350.

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Registrar Hold:

You must contact the Registrar’s Office for more information. You may email, or go to the One Stop Student Services Center Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm, or call the Registrar's Office at (415) 338-2350, Monday - Friday, 9 to Noon and 1 to 4 pm.

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Remediation Hold:

You were unable to complete all remediation requirements within the two semester time period. Please contact the Advising Center/Retention Office for further information at (415) 338-1304.

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Super Senior Undergrad Hold:

You have earned at least 144 semester units and must complete an approved Baccalaureate Degree Completion Plan and make adequate progress towards your degree before you can register for classes for the next semester.

Please review the procedure to clear this hold and complete the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Plan.

To ensure that you are on target for graduation:

A registration hold will be placed on your record to prevent you from enrolling in the next semester until you have completed an approved Baccalaureate Degree Completion Plan.

The plan requires two signatures: one from your major department (Part I) and one from an academic counselor in the Advising Center or the Educational Opportunity Program if you are an EOP student (Part II).
If you are a Business major, go to BUS 112 (CoBSSC) for the Part I signature.

Part III of the form must be completed and signed by you after you meet with your advisor.

Students with double majors and/or minors must complete a degree completion plan for each major and/or minor.

Bring the completed form to the Registrar’s Office, One Stop, Student Services Building. Deadlines in order to register for the upcoming semester were sent to students via email.

The approved degree completion plan must be on file for you to be allowed to register during Early Priority Registration.

You will be required to complete a new plan every semester until you graduate. If you do not make adequate progress, you may not be allowed to continue at SF State.

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Suspended or Expelled:

You were notified of the terms of your disciplinary sanction by a separate letter.

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University Financial Obligation:

Records maintained by the Bursar's Office show that you have an unpaid financial obligation to the University. A separate mailer is being sent to you which indicates the exact type of obligation involved and the department you should contact to resolve the problem. For further information contact the Bursar's Office at (415) 338-1281 or go to the Bursar's Office at the One Stop Student Services Center (SS 101).

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