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SF State University Major Degree Roadmaps

While SF State will make every effort to schedule classes in the semesters shown on the Roadmaps, the University cannot guarantee that courses will always be available in specific semesters. Shortage of budget and personnel is making it very difficult to offer as many classes as needed. Consult with your major department when planning your schedule.


To see the complete list of Degree Roadmaps first select the bulletin year for your major below:


Frequently Asked Questions about Undergraduate Degree Roadmaps

What are Degree Roadmaps?

A Degree Roadmap is a semester-by-semester guide to the course requirements necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in a designated major. A Roadmap is designed to help students select classes that satisfy General Education (GE) requirements, major requirements, other all-university requirements and to graduate in four years. The Roadmap cannot replace consultation with an advisor in your major or an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center. You should always use your Degree Roadmap in conjunction with the Bulletin and your DARS report, ASE (if applicable), and transcript to select classes for an upcoming semester.


Must I take the courses in the semesters shown on the plan?

The Degree Roadmaps were created by academic departments to show a possible pathway to complete all major and other requirements for your degree. Consult your advisor about whether it is essential to take a course in the semester shown.

There are some rules to keep in mind:

  1. You should take General Education Segment I Basic Subject courses (Written Communication, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning) within the first 36 units of baccalaureate-level course work completed at SF State. It is to your own advantage to take these crucial skills classes early, as they will provide you with the tools you need to do well in other classes.
  2. You should not take upper-division courses (300 level or above) until you have completed at least 30 units. (Exceptions can be made for students who already have completed advanced study in the subject.) You cannot take courses to satisfy General Education Segment III until you have completed at least 60 units.
  3. For some majors it is essential to complete courses in the correct sequence. You cannot take a more advanced course until you have completed the prerequisite course(s). Consult with a major advisor to ensure that you are on the right track.


What if I choose a different General Education course when a specific course is listed as satisfying both a General Education requirement and a Major prerequisite or requirement?

For some majors, these recommended courses are intended to serve as a sort of short-cut, because they can be used to satisfy more than one requirement at the same time. If you choose a different course than the one recommended to satisfy GE , you will still need to complete Major requirement. For other majors, the recommended courses may have been designated because they will provide you with information or skills that will be useful in your major even if they are not specifically required. Again, if you have a question about any part of the Roadmap, talk to an advisor in your major.


I didn’t complete the exact list of requirements and courses shown in the Degree Roadmap. Can I still graduate on time?

The answer depends on your major and on which courses you have completed. The Degree Roadmaps are not rigid requirements; they are only intended to provide guidance in planning a program. There are many reasons for students to follow a different pattern, such as changing one’s major, transferring courses from other institutions, choosing to take fewer classes in a given semester, taking part in study abroad, and choosing to complete a minor or a second major. See your advisor for help in planning a program that will work for you.


If I follow the plan, will I have all requirements for graduation completed?

The Degree Roadmaps include all of the requirements for graduation. However, it is important to consult the Bulletin and departmental advising materials to make sure that you satisfy all specific distribution requirements for the major and university requirements. For example, in some majors, there are restrictions on the choice of major electives. It is important that you select General Education courses to meet the category and segment requirements as outlined in the Bulletin. You can generate a DARS report anytime you have a question about whether you have satisfied a particular requirement. If your understanding of what you’ve completed differs from what is on the DARS report, talk with an advisor.


What is my bulletin year?

Your bulletin year is the year that you began your current studies in higher education, whether you started at San Francisco State as a first-time freshman or started at another institution and transferred to San Francisco State. If you have been continuously registered, either at SF State or another accredited institution from which you have transferred units, you have a choice of meeting the requirements that were in effect the year you started your studies (your bulletin year) or the requirements in effect at the time you complete your studies.
Sometimes a department changes the requirement for a major. When that happens, the intent is always to improve the student’s understanding of the subject matter, so it always a good idea to talk with a faculty advisor before deciding to graduate under your bulletin year rather than under the current requirements.

Sometimes a department changes the requirement for a major. When that happens, the intent is always to improve the student’s understanding of the subject matter, so it always a good idea to talk with a faculty advisor before deciding to graduate under your bulletin year rather than under the current requirements.


My bulletin year is prior to 2006-2007. Can I use the Degree Roadmap on the Registrar’s Office web site?

The 2006-2007 Degree Roadmaps can be used as a general guide. However, check with your Advisor and your Bulletin for complete GE and Major degree requirements for your bulletin year.


Is there a list of all the course abbreviations referred to on the Degree Roadmaps?

Yes, a complete list of all the course abbreviations and their full titles are available on the following link:

Key to Course Abbreviations.

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