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Pending Probation Lock and Probation Lock (PLOCK)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I on Academic Probation/Probation Lock (PLOCK) status?

Students have three consecutive semesters on Academic Probation before there is a PLOCK placed on their student records. The PLOCK hold will prevent registration and attendance after the third semester if the student’s SFSU and/or OVERALL GPA(s) are below 2.0. The University will contact students after the start of the third semester.

Can I petition for reinstatement if I am on PLOCK status?

No. PLOCK students cannot be reinstated by the petitioning process. However, advising is strongly suggested.

What happens after my THIRD semester on PLOCK status?

Students who were on “Pending” status during the semester for PLOCK will have an administrative hold placed on their record which will prevent registration/attendance after the their THIRD semester on continuous academic probation. See: PLOCK Guidelines and Procedure for the semester and year you were placed on Probation Lock status.

What if I follow the PLOCK GUIDELINES and PROCEDURE and I earn a grade below a C (C- thru F, CR, NC, WU, I-Incomplete, Audit or W-Withdrawal)?

Contact the Registrar’s Office for further instructions.

What if I take more than the two semesters allowed (not including Summer) to comply with the PLOCK GUIDELINES and PROCEDURE?

Once in compliance, you will need to re-apply to the University for future university admission. You can re-apply at

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