Select the "Lowest" GPA from either COMBINED CUM GPA or SF STATE CUM GPA.
In this example the "Lowest" GPA is 1.74.

Then select the Units from the same section.
In this example, since COMBINED CUM GPA = 1.74 is the "Lowest" GPA, you will
need to select UNITS = 32.0.

                                  Units     Earned     GPA Units
SF State Cum GPA:    2.18         21.0       15.0        45.9      
Combined Cum GPA     1.74         32.0       22.0        55.9 

Enter your UNITS and "Lowest" GPA based on the sample above

From the same section you found your "Lowest" GPA
"Lowest" GPA
"Lowest" GPA on your transcript
Based on the information you provided, your NEW PLANNED GPA is listed in the box below.
32.0 1.74  

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