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College of Business Training Sandy Lee 83650
College of Business Technical Tony Chan 81610
College of Education Training Gretchen Armstrong 81031
College of Education Technical Steve Kasner 82357
College of Ethnic Studies Training/Technical Dottie Ross 81693
College of Extended Learning Training Lynette Mitchell 53554
College of Extended Learning Technical Arne Nordh (415) 817-4250
College of HSS Training Saya Tanaka 53687
College of Liberal & Creative Arts Training Jim Lilliston 87396
College of Liberal & Creative Arts Training Peter Coakley 87623
College of Liberal & Creative Arts Technical Dan Wong 87456
College of Science & Engineering Training Queenie Cheng 87661
College of Science & Engineering Technical Alan Der 82099
College of Science & Engineering Technical Tina Easter 83356
Academic Affairs Training/Technical Alvina Lee 53751
Advising Training/Technical Karen Kingsbury 81304
Training/Technical Kim Altura 81741
Athletics Training/Technical David Woo 83320
Bursar's Office Training Cora Wong 83925
Bursar's Office Training Excel Mercado 81369
Disability Resource Center Training/Technical Avi Chandiramani 86436
Enrollment Services Training Renee Monte 83982
Enrollment Services Technical Tuan Do 82438
Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) Training Oscar Gardea 81085
Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) Technical Tuan Do 82438
Financial Aid Training Renee Monte 83982
Financial Aid Technical Tuan Do 82438
Graduate Division Training/Technical Mary Menees 53982
Human Resources Training/Technical Eric Cannon 82678
Library Training Aleta Asbury 81676
Library Technical Henok Yared 82490
Office of International Programs Training/Technical Patrice Mulholland 81362
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Training/Technical Susan Pelton 87090
Physical Planning & Development Training/Technical Annie Goldman 86002
Student Health Services Training Patricia Michel 81156
Student Health Services Technical Stacey Thompson 81692
Student Outreach Services Training Frieda Lee 82356
Student Outreach Services Technical Tuan Do 82438
Testing Center Training Atanas Maximov 82575
Testing Center Technical tuan Do 82438
University Corporation Training/Technical Leo Valle 87922
University Loans & Collections Training/Technical Cora Wong 83925
University Police Dept. Training Long Tran 53620
University Police Dept. Technical Jaime Haymond 81173
University Property Management Training Andy Stockton 82725
University Property Management Technical Bao Tong 58035
Department not listed? Training Renee Monte 83982
Department not listed? Technical Tina Broughton 82796


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