Recommendation 1. SFSU must continue to work toward developing and implementing a process whereby priorities and timelines for implementing various recommendations are established.

Recommendation 2. SFSU must continue to work to improve communications between the various campus constituents and particularly between the senior administrative officers and the faculty and staff.

Recommendation 3. The visiting team recommends that SFSU develop criteria defining the marks of high quality graduate programs that are consistent with the strategic plan, disciplinary and professional standards, and available resources.

Recommendation 4. The Visiting Team recommends that SFSU make assessment a high priority in budget decisions and financially support the development and early implementation work of assessment.

Recommendation 5. The visiting team recommends that more attention be paid to student learning as SFSU further develops and implements its strategic plan.

Recommendation 6. There is a need to provide more opportunities for comprehensive training and support for new and experienced chairs in order for chairs to be able to support campus efforts to move the strategic plan forward.

Recommendation 7. The University needs to aggressively pursue the proposed J. Paul Leonard Library renovation and expansion and to develop contingency plans for addressing the inadequacies of this facility if the proposal is not funded by the State. In addition, short-term upgrades in the facilities need to be built into campus budget plans.

Recommendation 8. The Team recommends concerted efforts to increase formal and informal communications between campus leaders and all parts of the University, with particular emphasis on relations with students and staff.




San Francisco State University is an energetic, dynamic university involved in revitalizing its urban mission. It is an "engaged university" that genuinely cares about its community. It is an ethnically and racially diverse university where the composition of its students, faculty and staff mirrors that of its surrounding geographical areas.

San Francisco State University is a much stronger institution than that observed during the 1992 accreditation review. It has made extraordinary progress in recovering from the budgetary, curricular, and faculty cuts that occurred prior to the 1992 visit.

As stated in the Self-Study, San Francisco State University seeks to continue to evolve with its community, recognizing community’s needs, and providing education designed to bring that community, and its students to the highest possible level of achievement.

The Team has attempted to provide SFSU with an assessment of its efforts to pursue the recommendations identified in the six themes of the SFSU Strategic Plan. The Team hopes that SFSU will find this evaluation helpful to its efforts of continuous improvement.


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