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Self-Study for WASC Reaccreditation 

SECTION F: A Community-Oriented University


Providing an education which affirms the linkage between learning and service


San Francisco State, as the only comprehensive, public university within the city of San Francisco, has long prided itself as The City’s University—a university prepared and committed to helping to meet the needs of the city in which it resides. In a document entitled Community Service Learning at San Francisco State University, the 1996 draft report of the Service Learning Colloquium, the university considered how best to equip graduates with the problem-solving skills and civic commitment that our Bay Area community needs. In its 1998 strategic plan, the university addressed both how to prepare responsible graduates and how the institution as a whole might further marshal its resources and scholarship to become an even fuller partner with the community. In this plan, the institution articulated its intentions to:
  • Become a partner with educational, civic, corporate, labor, and community-based organizations in working towards a thriving and just community .
  • Build better bridges to the community by enhancing the flow of information about SFSU resources available for community activities and by learning more about San Francisco's diverse communities.
  • Become a model in terms of community activities, both through university programs that reflect our mission as an institution committed to improvement of the community and through university practices that employ proper recognition and rewards to promote these activities.

In the chapter which follows, the self-study will focus on the university’s external partnership and community service endeavors—endeavors attempting to translate the above intentions from words to actions.

Chapter 15: External Partnerships and Community Service

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