Asian American Studies

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General Education and Other Graduation Requirements

The Asian American Studies Department has designed its course offerings so that students may take a broad range of courses in Asian American Studies while also meeting their General Education and statutory requirements for graduation. These offerings explore all aspects of Asian American Studies, providing students with the opportunity to obtain a solid understanding of Asian American life and communities.

Note: On June 15, 2009, the University passed UED 09-35, an Executive Directive to Facilitate Graduation. Students are advised to read the directive to see how some of the requirements stated below might be affected. AAS majors should also consult with their respective advisors for further clarification.

Asian American Studies courses that meet General Education, statutory, AERM, CESD, LLD, and other graduation requirements are listed below.

US History Requirement (3 units)
AAS 210 History of Asians in the United States (3 units)

US Government Requirement (3 units)
AAS 213 Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions (3 units)

Written English Requirement (3 units)
AAS 214 Second Year Written Composition: Asian American Studies (3 units)

General Education Requirement
Written Communications (3 units)
AAS 214 Second Year Written Composition: Asian American Studies (3 units)

Behavioral and Social Sciences Area (9-12 units)
Category A: Individual in Social Context

AAS 301 Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage (3 units) - LLD1
AAS 323 Chinese American Identities (3 units) – LLD1
AAS 333 Japanese American Identities (3 units) – LLD1
AAS 353 Filipina/o American Identities (3 units) – LLD1
AAS 373 Vietnamese American Identities (3 units) – LLD1
Category C: History, Cross-cultural and Global Contexts

AAS 211 Contemporary Asian Americans (3 units) – AERM2

Humanities and Creative Arts Area (9-12 units)
Category A: Major Humanities/Artistic Achievements
AAS 582 Asian American Women Literature and the Arts (3 units)
Category B: Disciplines and Interdisciplines
AAS 216 Introduction to Asian American Literature (3 units)
Category C: Historical/Social/Ethnic/Cultural Contexts
AAS 218 Asian American Culture (3 units) – AERM2
Category D: Active Creative Participation
AAS 514 Asian American Community Arts Workshop (3 units
AAS 516 Asian American Photographic Explorations (3 units)

Asian Americans: Responses to the American Experience (9 units)
Specific Requirements
Prerequisite: Upper division standing. Lower division students taking upper division GE courses for Segment III will not receive Segment III GE credit.

Normal sequence: FIRST select one course from Category A, THEN one course from Category B, and FINALLY one course from Category C. Classes in categories A and B can be taken concurrently but before a Category C class. A category A or B class can be taken concurrently with a Category C class if (1) either Category A or B is already fulfilled and (2) the student has already taken six units of upper division AAS courses.

Category A: Socio-Historical
AAS 320 Chinese in the United States (3 units) - CESD3
AAS 330 Nikkei in the United States (3 units) - CESD3
AAS 350 Filipina/os in the United States (3 units) - CESD3
AAS 360 Koreans in the United States (3 units)
AAS 370 Vietnamese in the United States (3 units) - CESD3
AAS 510 Asian Americans in California (3 units)

Category B: Humanities/Literature/Arts
AAS 322 Chinese American Language and Literature (3 units)
AAS 332 Japanese American Art and Literature (3 units)
AAS 352 Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (3 units)
AAS 372 Vietnamese American Literature (3 units)
AAS 512 Asian American Children’s/Adolescent Literature (3 units)
AAS 518 Asian Americans and Mass Media (3 units)

Category C: Capstone - Asian American Community
AAS 595 Asian American Communities and Public Policy (3 units)4
AAS 681 Asian American Community Changes and Development (3 units)

In another Segment III Cluster: Women of Color in the United States (9-12 units)
AAS 581 Asian American Women (3 units) - CESD3

1 LLD (Lifelong Development): Students must complete one course that fulfills the LLD requirement within Segment II.
2 AERM (American Ethnic and Racial Minorities): Students must complete one course that fulfills the AERM requirement within Segment II.
3 CESD (Cultural, Ethnic, and Social Diversity): Students must complete one course that fulfills the CESD requirement within Segment III.
AAS majors must take ETHS 665 (now AAS 595) in Category C to complete the Segment III GE cluster requirement. When used for GE purposes, ETHS 665/AAS 595 cannot be counted toward the fulfillment of the AAS major requirement.

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