Living Memories: 1990s


  Michael A. Villegas, coordinator, cash vault services for a major armored carrier, B.A, Mathematics (Cum Laude), 1994

During my long stay at SFSU, I recall long, long, long hours of study. I never imagined that I would graduate. In fact, I wanted to drop out during my last two semesters. I would have to sum up my time served at SFSU as 16 semesters of blood, sweat, and tears!
Also, some professors really made a difference in my studies. Drs. Fendel/Resek taught me how to prove theorems in Exploration and Proof like a real hardcore mathematician, my thanks to them. Dr Vince Bruno taught me Calculus in such a way that I can still go back to my notes and easily understand what was going on, thank you, too.
A big thumbs up to Dr. Tabatabian who could lecture on Calculus 3 for a whole hour on 3 full blackboards without looking at notes.
Finally Jerry Wong, a GOOD friend, mentor, and lecturer in mathematics for the Intensive Learning Program. I worked with Jerry for about 5+ years and he taught me many things. He is pretty special in that he really cares about the students in his classes. He would give a lot of his personal time to help others, and we both participated in programs to help students pass the ELM test. He is a very dedicated person to his craft.


Jose Andrade, Education Coordinator at Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club of America, B.A., Ethnic Studies (La Raza Studies), 1999

"When I think of the days and nights that I've spent at SFSU, I imagine the diversity, creativity, and openness that attracted me here in the first place. I clearly remember my first day of class that fall of '95 in Dr. Robert Rivera's Philosophy of La Raza course. I took a seat way in the back. As more and more students began to occupy the room, little did I know that they would soon be important figures in my life as a student here.
I'll never forget the strong and wonderful support I received from the whole entire faculty of the La Raza Studies department. I especialy want to give enormous thanks to Dr. Velia Garcia whom really gave me the encouragement to persue higher education. Dr. Haro was a great inspiration and I'm fortunate to have had one course with him. I would also like to thank Dr. Alberta Rose who just completely knocked me off my feet with her spiritual wisdom. Last but not least, I would like to thank Alejandro Murguia for really being such a great professor. I call him the "student's choice" professor because he really made my classes fun, and very, very vital.







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