Centennial: Aims

Centennial Mission Statement
The Centennial will have among its key objectives to support the University's efforts to strengthen the value of an SFSU degree, enhance SFSU's reputation, build strong community partnerships, and increase its involvement with the San Francisco Bay Area community.

San Francisco State University Centennial
Beginning in January 1999, San Francisco State University will celebrate 100 years of existence as an educational institution. The occasion provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our strengths, set the stage for the future initiatives, and bring forward a message about ourselves to the wide community in which we function and which is important to our success.

While aiming to include events and activities that appeal to a variety of interests, the Centennial will focus on several measurable outcomes that actively advance San Francisco State University's mission and current strategies.

The University's Centennial Advisory Committee will enlist the help of faculty, students, alumni, and staff in developing Centennial programs that respond most closely to the Centennial's mission statement and articulated outcomes. We know that we cannot accomplish every good idea or serve every interest equally well in this 12-month period, and so we encourage members of the San Francisco State University community to retain good ideas that cannot be supported as part of the Centennial for implementation at some time in the future.

Centennial Outcomes
• Recognize and encourage excellence throughout the University
• Increase alumni awareness and support of SFSU
• Build positive San Francisco Bay Area community awareness of SFSU through successful activities
• Gain public recognition for the University's distinctive achievements and contributions to learning and to society
• Strengthen and expand the SFSU donor community

Constituents to Focus On
• Campus community
• Alumni
• Business, civic, and education leaders in the community
• SFSU donors and prospective donors

SF State Centennial: Celebration

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