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the employee experience

When San Francisco State University succeeds in realizing its vision, the employee experience will be as follows:

San Francisco State University has built a workplace that recruits, hires, and furthers the professional development of talented and diverse employees in all categories -- faculty, staff, student employees, and administrators. The University seeks opportunities to unite these informed and responsible individuals in decision-making teams and collaborative work groups.

The University's employee community is the academic support network that underpins the educational process. The faculty are primarily responsible for instruction and mentoring of students. Faculty members, by virtue of their academic expertise, also have primary responsibility for the curriculum and curricular planning, peer evaluation, planning for faculty replacement, and developing academic policies. Staff members are primarily responsible for a wide range of day-to-day service and support to all areas of the organization. They ensure the smooth delivery of instruction, research, and student support services. The administration is primarily responsible for overseeing the University in accord with law and administrative code, stewardship over budget and facilities, and the garnering of private and community support. Shared governance, based on mutual respect for the expertise and contributions of each group, is the best means for preserving academic integrity and attaining the University's educational mission.

The University ensures that all employees have the resources -- work spaces, equipment, information, and support -- that enable them to perform at their highest level.

Collaborative Culture of Respect. Employees of San Francisco State University come together to build a collaborative culture of respect, reaching beyond traditional barriers and building teams to develop and enhance the workplace. Just as the budget provides the financial resources, SFSU's diverse and highly educated employees are the human resources that ensure the ongoing life of this vital, urban, educational community.

Benefits of Employment. SFSU is a leader in offering physical and programmatic accessibility. It provides competitive salaries, superb benefits, attractive surroundings, and continual career enhancement through orientation, mentoring, and professional training and development for all its employees. It adjusts employee workload to support its student-centered mission and to promote its core value of enhancing an employee-friendly environment. It provides opportunities for public recognition of employee achievement.

Alignment of Internal Practices with Organizational Values and Visions. To empower employees to implement the institution's values and visions, the University continually reviews employee policies, procedures, incentives, and evaluation criteria to ensure that they are in alignment with those values and visions.

Circle of Success. SFSU believes that communication is the basis for ensuring a "circle of success" in which improved teamwork and broader input in decision-making bring us full circle to greater success in our mission. The University offers its employees unprecedented opportunities for participatory decision-making through ongoing shared governance and the establishment of problem-solving teams in which faculty, staff, students, and administrators focus together on meeting institutional needs.


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