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Information for Admitted Domestic Students

Fall 2017

First-time Freshmen


Fall 2017

Please Note: the information listed below is for domestic students only. Please visit the Steps for New International Students link above for F1/J1 student requirements.

Freshmen & Transfer Requirements

Accept Admission Offer & Pay $100 Enrollment Deposit

Students entering SF State in Fall 2017 must accept their admission offer and pay a non-refundable Enrollment Confirmation Deposit online between April 1-May 1. Students admitted after May 1 must accept their offer within two weeks of their admis sion date. To file your Accept Admission Offer please go to your Student Center on the SF State Gateway. For more information on the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit, please see our FAQ.

Sign Up for New Student Orientation & Register for Fall Classes

Students receive early advising and early course registration at orientation. Space in orientation sessions and fall classes is limited and available first come, first served. Orientation dates are offered on campus. Please visit newstudentprograms.sfsu.edu/home for information on how to sign-up for orientation.

Immunization Requirements: Submit Proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis B(HEP-B)

All students must fulfill immunization requirements before they will be allowed to register for classes. Please email the Registrars Department at records@sfsu.edu for questions regarding the immunization requirements.

SF State email account

Students, after accepting their admission offer, will be automatically assigned an SF State email account. We will send detailed instructions regarding your SF State email account to your personal email address once it has been created. Once enrolled, you will receive critical reminders regarding class registration for the upcoming semester and other important information at that account.

Is selection of an SF State email account required?

Yes. All new students will be required to have an SF State email account. Once created, students will be allowed to forward their SF State email account to a different email address if they want to receive messages at an existing private account. The University communicates to students via their SF State email account once they are enrolled in classes.

Send Final Transcripts

Final transcripts must be received by Undergraduate Admission prior to the deadline. The deadline for fall admission is July 15th. The deadline for spring admission is January 15.

Apply for Admission by Exception to a Specific Subject Requirement on the Basis of Disability

If a student is otherwise qualified but unable to complete certian subjects because of a disability, an appeal can be made to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Appeal on the basis of a disability hould be submitted no later than July 15 for fall admission. Visit www.sfsu.edu/future/apply/awd.html for more details.

Freshmen Requirements

Required Placement Tests

Your notice of admission indicates whether ELM and/or EPT are required. SF State strongly urges all non-exempt students to test early. For more information on ELM and EPT, please visit: www.sfsu.edu/future/dates/dates.html#tests

Sign Up for Early Start Math & English Courses If Required (fall only)

Students who score below 50 on the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) placement test are required to complee and Early Start Math summer course. Students who score 146 and below on the English Placement Test (EPT) are required to complete an Early Start English course at SF State. For more information please visit: www.sfsu.edu/~advising/esp/home.html

Sign Up for Directed Self Placement

All students who take the EPT test must complete Directed Self Placement (DSP). It is important to complete DSP prior to attending orientation as DSP results are used to determine the English course students enroll in for their first semester. for more information please visit: etc.sfsu.edu/pages/directed-self-placement

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