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About San Francisco State University

* General Information: FAQ, campus map and guides, academic calendar
* University Bulletin 94-96: Academic program information
* Server Access Statistics: Updated August 8, 1995
* SurF'S Up: How to access, create, and publish WWW services at SFSU
* Search the SFSU WWW and anonymous FTP Server

Campus WWW/Gopher Services

* Colleges and Academic Departments: College information, department WWW sites
* Administrative Departments: Computing Services, Fiscal Affairs, ORSP
* Student Affairs: Career Center
* Class Projects: A selection of student projects
* Student Organizations: ASL/Deaf Awareness Club
* Auxiliary Services: Bookstore and More

Other WWW Servers

* California Servers: CSU, Exploratorium, Academy of Sciences, government...
* Computing Industry Servers
* Government Servers Congress, state and federal Agencies, and the Whitehouse
* Other Interesting Servers The Websterina Recommends

Other SFSU Information Services

* Gopher Server: Campus directory, online documentation, and much more
* Anonymous FTP Archive: Communications software
* Investigator: Online library catalog (OPAC)

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