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New council requests ideas to re-envision the University

February 5, 2010 -- President Robert A. Corrigan has convened a special group charged with re-envisioning the University in the face of unprecedented fiscal constraints. Called the University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC), the 17-member council is chaired by Academic Senate Chair Shawn Whalen and will hold its next meeting Feb. 8.

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 "The intention of the Council is to evaluate, rather than initiate, proposals" Whalen said. "We need the ideas, creativity and know-how of the campus community to create a better, stronger university. The Council is calling for contributions and will rely on the ingenuity of the campus community."

UPAC, whose members represent faculty, staff, students and administrators, has three broad mandates, namely:

  • Evaluate proposals for budget savings
  • Make recommendations on ways to re-envision the University to make best use of available funding
  • Serve as an advisory group to confront emergent financial crises

UPAC encourages input from faculty, staff and students and seeks proposals on cost-saving and revenue-generating measures as well as ideas for transforming the University to meet the new financial reality it faces.  Proposals can take the form of brief suggestions, a narrative justification or other documentation. UPAC is accepting proposals immediately and on a rolling basis through at least the fall 2010 semester. To submit a proposal, visit the UPAC Web page: http://www.sfsu.edu/~upac/rfp.html

Proposals can be submitted anonymously and the process will be transparent and open, Whalen said.

A complete list of council members can be found at http://www.sfsu.edu/~upac/council.html

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