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SF State is committed to providing students with the academic resources needed to succeed and graduate. Find out about New Student Orientation, majors, advising, tutoring and library resources available to students.


New-student orientation is a must for the success of first-time freshmen and transfer students. The Dean of Students office looks forward to welcoming new students, sharing information about the University, and giving newcomers an opportunity to learn the ropes so they get off to a good academic start. Orientation is required for freshman and is highly recommended for transfer students. Students who participate in an orientation program are better prepared, encounter fewer problems, and generally have a very positive feeling about their experiences at San Francisco State. Plan to join us!


The online Bulletin is the most authoritative guide to SF State you'll find. Among its major sections: Academic Programs, University Resources and Support Services, University Policies and Procedures, Fees and Financial Aid, andCourse Descriptions

Class Schedule

Each semester, the Class Schedule lists more than 3,000 classes offered at SF State. It will tell you where and when each class is offered, who teaches the class, how to register, and everything else you could possibly want to know about taking classes at SF State.

The Class Schedule is available online.

Academic Calendar

SF State classes are held year-round, for students who want to accelerate completion of degree requirements.

The University offers two, traditional 16-week semesters in the fall, late August through December; and spring, late January through May. A summer term offers shorter sessions between June and August.

In addition, the College of Extended Learning offers a separate summer program, as well as a three-week winter session.


The J. Paul Leonard Library provides students with lifelong learning skills to find, evaluate, and communicate information. It has more than 3.5 million items on its shelves, and through cooperative arrangements with other state and regional libraries, has access to many more. Its electronic resources include InvestiGator, an online catalog, available on-site or remotely. The Library provides access to well over 100 online databases. Through specialized collections and services, the Library and its faculty help students excel as they pursue their studies at SF State.

Advising + Tutoring

Undergraduates Advising

Undergraduate advising is an integral part of the undergraduate academic experience at SF State. Faculty members in each department provide advising to current SF State students. Some departments assign advisers; others have students select from a list. Students are encouraged to seek out a faculty member for ongoing advising during their time at SF State.

The Advising Center is staffed by professional and peer advisors committed to helping undergraduate students enjoy a successful college experience. Located in Administration building, 2nd floor, the Advising Center welcomes new and current students who need advising help and the wisdom and experience of their student peers.

The Advising Center holds workshops periodically throughout the year to answer questions about GE, graduation requirements or Liberal Studies. Individual advising appointments can also be arranged.

Graduate Student advising

Advising for graduate students is available in each department . Graduate Studies also offers advising to current and prospective students.


SF State offers students support in their academic work through tutoring, specialized courses, support programs, and individual conferences with instructors. Faculty schedule regular office hours when students can meet with them for help with questions, problems, test preparation, class assignments, and even career goals.

The Learning Assistance Center is the central source of information for academic help and tutoring services offered by specific programs and departments. The Community Access and Retention Program also provides extensive advising and support services.

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