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Undergraduate Admission Appeals

Appeal Procedures: (per Section 89030.7, CA Education Code.)

Basis for Appeals:
Applicants may appeal denial decisions if they believe the evaluation of application information was incorrect and that they are eligible for admission.


Appeal Procedure:

  1. Contact the Admissions Office to discuss your appeal.
    Freshmen Applicants: (415) 338-6486
    Transfer Applicants: (415) 338-1634
    All International Applicants: (415) 338-2382

  2. After contacting the Admissions Office to discuss your appeal, you may be advised to submit an appeal in writing. If advised to submit an appeal in writing, send the written appeal to the Admissions Committee either via the form below or via letter to Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132.
Appeals must be made within 15 days of the denial decision. There is a limit of one appeal per academic term. Estimated time to issue appeal responses is 7-14 days after all appeal documents are received.


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